Based on the legend of Tiresias, it tells of a transsexual who is kidnapped by a man and left to die in the woods. She is then saved by a family and receives the gift of telling the future.

Tiresia is at the same time woman and man, according to Greek Mythology. Here, Tiresia is a Brazilian transexual living with her brother in the outskirts of Paris. Terranova, an admirer of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tiresia torrent reviews

Ed C (kr) wrote: One line summary: Mud, in all categories.-------------------------------- Growing up in Romania young Viktor joined organised crime to stay alive and pay off bills. This segment was long, violent without purpose, dreary, boring, and hopefully relevant at some point. Viktor hopes to align himself with a different crime group in the UK after being betrayed by his old group. Lots of fighting and killing ensues. He gets to meet some of his childhood acquaintances, and deal with an old issue or two. Does he do better with this group?------Scores------- Cinematography: 5/10 Good some of the time, but wobbly more often. The sepia segments I could have done without entirely. There were entirely too many minutes spent where no one is doing anything and the horrid music plays. Sound: 5/10 Yikes. The sound level of conversation tends to be too low, and has accompanying buzz/hiss. This is not an asset. Incidental music is jarring and irritating. Acting: 5/10 Stale, cliched, boring. I did not believe Luke Goss for a minute. Since he is the centre of the piece, that is rather annoying. The other actors do not make up for it. Versus Daniel Craig, or Matt Damon, or Jason Statham, or Brad Pitt, or Gerard Butler, or even Aaron Eckhart, this guy is an emotionless, empty scarecrow to be blown away. I cannot imagine him accomplishing anything useful. Screenplay: 6/10 Long on development, short on delivery.

Tom H (de) wrote: Corruption in war theaters and warmongering are ever present. This is the British version. Suspenseful thriller following a former soldier-cum-mercenary trying to find out what or who was responsible for his mate's death in the streets of Baghdad. Consistent ending for somebody who's only marketable skill is to kill. Not for the faint-hearted. Includes some gruesome news footage.

Ty P (nl) wrote: Australia has such premise to make clever, crime films, with great locations, fresh ideas and witty characters. Instead, after still riding the waves of Two Hands, and to the lesser extent Dirty Deeds, we have an average shot at promoting the criminal underworld of the Gold Coast, and to miss entirely. Sam Worthington once again plays himself, whilst David Wenham's character while amusing, is far too tongue-in-cheek to take seriously. Throw in a mixed bag of international and Aussie actors, a holey story too nice to be any good, and you make for a rather forgettable and wasted attempt at Australian cinema.

Marlene M (de) wrote: Kubrick gave us his last film, and many may say it's not so good compared to others, but I think it has all the possible factos to become a future classic.

Frances H (au) wrote: I liked this all Native American production with its quirky sense of humor and warm tale of a relationship between a father and son that only gets straightened out after the father is dead. It is not a unique story, but the cultural point of view is. Good acting by Adam Beach and Evan Adams.

Benjamin M (kr) wrote: un peu drle mais trs chiant

David S (ca) wrote: why human being waste money on this kind of rubbish

Mark F (ag) wrote: Slighty bizarre premise which didn't really engage me until the very end.

Clinton P (mx) wrote: Tarantino needs a better editor.

Mariana L (de) wrote: Apparently this isn't the most popular movie ever, but I was rather tense and anticipating the conclusion the whole time! I like it when a movie has me fingernails-biting-anxious, and this one did.

Sue B (br) wrote: Sean Bean is a persistent Roman soldier.