This little-known German film retells the true story of the British ocean liner that met a tragic fate. Ernst Fritz Fürbringer plays the president of the White Star Line, who unwisely pressed the Titanic's captain (Otto Wernicke) to make the swiftest possible crossing to New York. Interestingly, director Herbert Selpin was arrested by the Gestapo during this film's production, and German censors banned the film for its scenes of panic and terror.

The story of the sinking of the British luxury liner Titanic in 1912. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leong C (us) wrote: Solid performance, great directing, and power outage can be fatal...

Mri S (mx) wrote: best picture, impressive crime thriller.

Brett P (de) wrote: not enough action. Odd story but good cinematography.

Christopher S (us) wrote: Hilarious. Then again any type of film with gratuitous amount of coarse language, drinking, sex, and sports is OK in my opinion.Who would have thought that the best way to get good at softball was to practice? Most of the film seemed like something that could happen, all except someone like Manganelli running for mayor. He just seemed too douchebaggy even for a town in North Jersey and that is saying something. By far the best lines in the film were spoken by Dirt ("I would have paid your parents for the abortion!" among other gems). The story is a bit convoluted and the Jersey accents seem overdone. A lot of raunchy and explicit language but very, very funny.

Christopher S (fr) wrote: One of the most underrated films of the 1990s and one of Denzel Washington's better performances. The directing by Carl Franklin was also very good in how he changed the pace of the film so it would not be monotonous. This film also was one of the best in depicting post-World War II Los Angeles, right on par with LA Confidential two years later. I would have loved to see Washington and Franklin take another turn at an Easy Rawlins sequel after this film but perhaps it is a good thing that a sequel never materialized. This film was also one of the first I could remember with Don Cheadle and he stole every scene he was in as the crazy gun toting Mouse. Definitely worth seeing.

Chrissy G (gb) wrote: Watched this movie more times than I can remember. It's a great movie in my opinion.

nick k (br) wrote: this is the most boring movie ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuart K (ru) wrote: Before his untimely death in 1989, Graham Chapman was the only Python who never quite achieved fame on his own away from the comedy troupe. Though he did have a stab at breaking into America with this, a hotch-potch, all-star comedy based on an idea by Keith Moon. :O It looks well shot, and the set design is well done, and it does have a good cast. But that's it, the comedy, what little there is of it, falls flat on it's face. Pity really. It begins with the vicious pirate Yellowbeard (Chapman) being jailed for 20 years for tax evasion, but he won't tell the authorities were he buried his treasure. So, Commander Clement (Eric Idle) sentences him to 140 years. Yellowbeard escapes and is told by his wife Betty (Madeline Kahn) that she destroyed the map leading to his treasure, but she tattooed it on the head of his son Dan (Martin Hewitt). So Yellowbeard ends up with Lord Lambourn (Peter Cook) and Dr Gilpin (Michael Hordern) stowed away on a ship going for the treasure. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but alot of it doesn't work at all, it faced production problems from the word go and the comedy, (alot of it using the r-word and one disturbing sight of Beryl Reid's cleavage is their idea of comedy.) But, the cast presence try to make up for it, including John Cleese, James Mason, Peter Boyle, Cheech and Chong, Spike Milligan, Nigel Planer, David Bowie and Marty Feldman in his last role. It could have been much better.

Bill B (jp) wrote: This is another film that I caught for Movie Shame Monday because it's always been on my radar as something of an iconic film from the '70s, and I have to say that I just might not have 'got' it, because the overall vibe I get is one of Warren Beatty's ennui, not the alleged comedy that it's supposed to be, and on top of that I'm meant to feel sorry for the guy who's grown tired of skating by on his looks and fucking every woman who wanders into his field of vision?Oh, woe is me.Rental.