Titus Andronicus returns from the wars and sees his sons and daughters taken from him, one by one. Shakespeare's goriest and earliest tragedy.

Titus returns victorious from war, only to plant the seeds of future turmoil for himself and his family by setting off a long chain of revenge, cruelty, and murder, aggravated. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Titus torrent reviews

AD O (de) wrote: quit this one halfway through. looked cute enough and could have been super cute but instead seemed like something i've seen many times.

Luis P (ca) wrote: Always a pleasure to see a Studio Ghibli movie. I wasn't sure what to expect out of this feature since I knew virtually next to nothing about it, but, true to this legendary Japanese studio's form, it was amazing! The bright color palette and gorgeous music are what elevates this animated showcase above the others. The story, while a tad tame by Ghibli's standards (where was the dark undercurrent seen in other movies?) has a positive message of courage and compassion to impart, and did I say the animation is BEAUTIFUL??? Very awesome movie. I felt lifted by it! :D

Kenneth Y (us) wrote: Unexpected Great Thriller from Philippine!!! Dominated by Great Sound Effects!!!

Skyler B (ca) wrote: Wasn't terrible. It had Joan Cusak AND Stanley Tucci! Otherwise it had some interesting plot threads. I don't know, it surprised me a bit.

Robyn M (kr) wrote: This is a definite 2 1/2 star out of 5. Home Room was a reality check and informative film, with debatable, constructive thought out plans this film could of been a box office sucess. What lacked is the story. once the plot was layed out and thickened the character development pulled you away from the whole concept of the Film, making the ending scimmed and weakly pulled together. What's even more frustrating is they never really explain what happened during the shooting just alot of Heresay and never any flashbacks to help increase your imagination. There's a saying that descibes the film "there's no such thing as bad actors, but just bad scripts" that applies for Home Room.

Terry H (us) wrote: No great actors but a descent show.

Kris C (us) wrote: Suzuki is one of the greats and deserves more attention

Mark K (br) wrote: A fun movie. My 13 year old and I loved hearing the slang terms. Barbara Stanwick plays a sassy role nicely juxtaposed against a naive Gary Cooper. You can see why all of the eccentric professors are quickly smitten. The stuffy housekeeper is a great character too. Gene Krupa makes a frenetic appearance too.

Rim P (mx) wrote: In my opinion, Trancers II is the best of all the Trancers sequels produced by Full Moon Entertainment. The original is a cult classic. Its sequels could be considered mini-classics, although they're nowhere as good. I like that with part 2, Full Moon decided to bring back most of the cast from the original, including Lena, Ashby, Old McNulty, McNulty, Commander Ruthie and even the main villain (Wardo) was assosiated with Whistler from Trancers I. The best thing about Trancers II is Jack's two hot wives. The chemistry between the characters is interesting, as the future cop is caught up in the chaos following his late wife's unexpected return. Quite campy dialogue and a wafer thin plot hamper it down quite a bit, but Full Moon have never been able to rebound any more with fine sequels or great movies in general. So yeah, enjoy Trancers II for what it is - an underrated sci-fi classic.

Shannon M (it) wrote: Great commentary on the afterlife

Marc L (kr) wrote: A defining western, with style.

Bob K (au) wrote: Beautiful movie on an extremely sensitive subject. Actors do it more than justice. ``Me Before You`` is the perfect title. I imagine most people won`t get it, but that`s only because they really don`t understand it.