Tjorven och Mysak

Tjorven och Mysak

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Tjorven och Mysak torrent reviews

Dave G (es) wrote: It's like Zack and Miri for your phone with some great cameos from Smith, Rogan, and Justin Long.

Mlissa K (mx) wrote: nice movie about my of my heroines.

Andrew H (fr) wrote: Black Pond is so good because it has no rules. Is it a mockumentary, thriller, or human drama? Pretty much all three and then some. Brilliantly acted, hilarious, witty, and heartbreaking, and so well shot and entertaining. Altogether incredible.

Don S (mx) wrote: A respectable effort to bring magic into the lives of a couple who can't conceive children after exhausting all medical efforts. They write down what their dream child would be like, bury the papers in a box in the garden, and wake up to a young boy grown from their dreams in the morning. A bit sappy, but overall a family friendly movie about expectations and the happiness ans disappointments they bring.

Davis P (nl) wrote: Pretty good acting, but that is its only saving grace, I found the film pretty boring.

Simon D (br) wrote: this film would've made a good 5 minute short story, not a full length feature film. What annoyed me was that the makers don't tell you what's going on at all throughout the film except for the opening scenes, which make you think it's worth watching. you are always guessing, and some of the questions don't get answered, like the little wooden box. What a rubbish film.

Kevan G (es) wrote: fuck the 17% rating. This was a great movie. Not as good as Interview with a vampire, but still fucking amazing

Joe T (jp) wrote: Solid, but formulaic.

Private U (ru) wrote: Old movie but its really good. The plot is hard to get but the movie is good once you catch on. The kids are cute in this movie and one of the first movies Ryan was in.

Jessica H (es) wrote: Nielson needs to go back to the retirement home and quit trying to be funny.

Brian W (mx) wrote: Classic Bela Lugosi!