To Fool a Thief

To Fool a Thief

Two professional thieves will have to work together to steal a unique bottle of wine kept safe inside a bank in Mendoza.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:wine,   heist,  

"Vino Para Robar" is a classy mainstream heist comedy from Ariel Winograd where booze, not banknotes, is the target. Two professional thieves will have to work together to steal a unique bottle of wine kept safe inside a bank in Mendoza. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emeka W (us) wrote: One of those good lazy afternoon movies.

David L (br) wrote: This will likely be a forgotten entity soon enough - Not good enough to warrant raving about, but nor is it bad enough to continually slate! It's a borderline film which has reasonable qualities all around - Average actors, plus a mediocre storyline which is basically a cat and mouse chase, or rather a Loch Ness monster and human chase throughout. There's no depth to the character relations, no real quality action sequences, and clearly no expense used in any of the special effects. It is relatively comical to watch though, not that I expect it intends to be, but the way the monster keeps biting people's heads off just makes me chuckle. It's not difficult to follow in the least, just a basic premise of a crypto zoologist hunting down the beast that killed his dad - just a shame that half the village actually die before he actually catches up with the thing! It's the first time I've witnessed a film based on the Loch Ness monster (given that i've chosen to forget that crap one starring Ted Danson), but i'm guessing that aiming a movie at the Scottish horror fans would be a bit of a niche market. On this evidence though, there's definitely room for a decent Nessie flick given that this episode leaves a lot to be desired.

Yvonne W (it) wrote: Very, very average thriller with not too many thrills and a fairly ludicrous plot

Glen S (ca) wrote: "Hate Crime" is a senseless and vicious murder of a gay man just because he's gay. The ending may satisfy some feeling of justice, but is hardly better than the original crime. There is an interesting section with back and forth scenes of "God is" stuff. The movie is well done.

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Jonathan K (us) wrote: Can I get an ending???????

Billy D (us) wrote: The story of Chuck Barris, a TV producer/CIA agent as he navigates the world of show biz and espionage. Much more interesting if you know who Chuck Barris was and knew his story. If not, its a very hard to believe story about a shady tv exec tooting his own horn. Rockwell, Clooney, and barrymore are meh. Only worth the 124 minutes if you are from the era.

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