To Get to Heaven First You Have to Die

To Get to Heaven First You Have to Die

Twenty-year-old Kamal has been married for a few months but his wife is still a virgin. Learning that there is nothing physically wrong with him after visiting a doctor, Kamal sets off to town to search for another woman. The city is full of them but Kamal is still unable to meet anyone, until a chance encounter on a bus. But it looks as if this accidental meeting will take Kamal much farther than he was prepared to go… By the director of ‘Angel on the Right’. —Celluloid Dreams

Kamal, 20 years old, can't have sexual intercourse with women although he is married. He goes to the big city and notices beautiful Vera, whom he follows round town. Will his partnership ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James S (ca) wrote: Not bad but like a more gory League Of Gentlemen with less jokes

Kyle S (ca) wrote: It has it's funny moments and the action scenes can prove to be enjoyable, but as a film Operation: Engame completely fails. With ugly hues and contrast and terrible cinematic material/cinemetography in general this is plain and simple an ugly movie. Not to mention the acting is terrible considering the star power the director and writers had to work with. Did not like this movie whatsoever and am guessing noone else will either.

Greg W (de) wrote: another f-in lost review i have since the '80's loved this chick flick like 1939's 'the women' has all star casts and amazing performances

Randy T (jp) wrote: Sssssssilly offering from Universal Studios about a mad scientist* and his quest to turn men into venomous cobras. *Somehow ironic that the scientist's name is "Dr. Stoner". Freudian slip?

William W (br) wrote: Over the course of my cinematic love affair, I have really enjoyed the few films I have seen, either starring Pam Grier, one of my favourite B-movie American actresses, or that were directed by Jack Hill. I can't get enough of especially the films of which they collaborated, 'Foxy Brown' and this, both of which I consider up there with the 'Shaft' trilogy and 'Super Fly' as masterpieces of the 'urban action' genre of the 70's. She, just 24 when she made this, certainly was one of the most beautiful and exciting women ever put on celluloid, and while I also love both Hill's short film 'The Host' and 'Switchblade Sisters' (viewed on one DVD as part of Quentin Tarantino's 'Rolling Thunder' reissue series), here his pacing and filming are on an entirely different level altogether.It's a shame for us cinephiles that he chose at such an early age, 42 and clearly in his filmmaking prime, to retire from the business to both write novels as well as explore meditation with his wife, but I'm thankful for the films he made. The soundtrack (and most particularly the killer title song) by one of my favourite jazz/funk singer/musicians of the period, Roy Ayers, is up there with Curtis Mayfield's for 'Super Fly' as essential listening for lovers of such music.Say what you want about him as a filmmaker, but I for one am glad that Tarantino has revived interest in both the actress (casting her as the star of 'Jackie Brown') and the director (through his aforementioned reissue series). It is an under-recognized way that Tarantino has significantly contributed to contemporary American cinema of all sorts, and has helped these unsung heroes from prior generations, who would otherwise be neglected and ignored unjustly from contemporary cinephilic attention.

Jesse R (gb) wrote: This is a wonderful, great, and heart warming movie that started it all for Lassie. It also features the late Elizabeth Taylor who plays Priscilla. She makes an impact as she becomes friends with Lassie and her family. A good family film that one will remember for many years to come.

David W (fr) wrote: Young Frankenstein is a goofy, silly film that feels like a sequel to the original with Gene Wilder's brilliant performance of wackiness to the flair. Also, the ensemble cast, they were all funny

Casey S (de) wrote: Understandably, a film documenting several years will pace slowly. This film is a prime example that even films that are shoved further into the realm of complete realism don't necessarily make an amazing movie.