To the Shores of Tripoli

To the Shores of Tripoli

Chronicle of a spoiled rich boy who joins the Marines with an off-handed attitude and finally becomes a battle-wise soldier. Academy Award Nominations: Best (Color) Cinematography.

Sergeant Dixie Smith has more raw recruits to turn into Marines, if he can. Among them is cocky casanova Chris Winters, son of an officer, who's just tried to "mash" Mary Carter, a major's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aries M (gb) wrote: The screenplay writer/creators of this movie did not read and understand V.C. Andrews' novel thoroughly, and therefore failed to capture the soul of the book that must have made its many readers and fans smile, cry and fell in love with the Dollanganger kids. Disappointed that they killed the character of Dr. Sheffield here, what's an additional fifteen minutes to tell the story of his character if it made this movie a delicious one to match the contrasting blend of beauty and pain that the novel served?

Betty C (ru) wrote: John Cena is the best

Ian S (de) wrote: Really enjoyed this film despite it leaving me thoroughly depressed.

Arun A (au) wrote: Very funny. Lots of endearing performances. When Josh Cohen sings Jana Gana Mana, you get the goosepimples!

Eeddine J (nl) wrote: She: and thenHe: nothing, something new will happen and we will see...

Wrik S (jp) wrote: so very typical in reality.... i mean I have heard it all before and identify with every part of this, and thats why the ratings.... the acting wasnt superb but very good, with a decent execution overall and decent theme...

Don S (ag) wrote: This movie starts so strong - a great song and an even better photo montage! And then? Yeesh. The Gamma Phis were so very, very lame, almost unwatchable. As were all the music numbers. And what was that football "game"? All together, the plot was not at all enough for an hour film, let alone a two hour one! And the ending? Good lord, was that ridiculous! I don't know if it is as hokey as the end of "He Got Game" but honestly, I hope to never see either one again. This was so lame, I won't even bother to mention what a horrible actor Spike Lee is. (whoops)On the plus side - Fishburne and Samuel L. face to face was super tough! I could watch those two go at it all day, but in a different film!

Shera S (gb) wrote: this movie went on forever and was slightly painful, but the dance sequences and helen are amazing

Michael S (nl) wrote: Cuando sea grande quiero ser cmo Rocky!!

Deborah F (nl) wrote: sappy and predictable, but ends nice.