To Walk Again

To Walk Again


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Darren B (us) wrote: It was a blend of Eagle Eye and The Net. Nothing really new and exciting but entertaining enough.

Xristos S (br) wrote: Yorgos Lan8imos after the working with Lakis Lazopoulos, gives us a detective story uninteresting narrative but DIRECTED presented to us initially the school will give us later with Oscar canine

Jordan P (ru) wrote: three words "off the hook!"

chelsea h (gb) wrote: that is like sick to kill anyone

Alex K (es) wrote: A fairly gripping prison drama. Thoroughly enjoyable and for me personally, more enjoyable than Shawshank.

Sam M (ca) wrote: A little underwhelming and a notch "graphic". Also the protagonist could've spared the personal reaction and kept it professional, like a proper P.I would have.

Julio S (ru) wrote: This series just gets worse and worse.??

Jim G (br) wrote: Is it Sci-fi? Horror? Adventure? Well, it is all of them. A nicely balanced film that spans several genre. What if we could connect people's dreams together? What if one person could help another with scary dreams? That is the idea behind Dreamscape. I enjoyed this movie and recommend it. OK, don't look too closely at the man-in-the-rubber-monster-suit, sigh, old movies...

Peter K (br) wrote: Joanna Pacula is beautiful.William Hurt is righteous.

Brian L (es) wrote: "Burnt Offerings" follows the commonplace formula of almost all '70s horror movies - a family moves into/visits a haunted house possessed by some unexplained evil force that slowly drives them all to the breaking point. Along the way, a menacing atmosphere is created by dissonant violin squeals, and random flashback sequences depicting something unnerving. The problem with "Burnt Offerings" is that while it manages to successfully create tension in a very unsettling way, it never truly delivers on the scares. Opportunities are missed throughout this entire haunted house romp - the scariest part of this movie was the (incorrect) belief that something startling or frightening was actually going to happen, as I constantly psyched myself out when nothing truly interesting was going on. The concept behind the action is creepy enough, but the action itself is so nonsensical that by the end of the film, nothing has been explained, and thus nothing is particularly memorable or satisfying. If you're an old-school horror movie fanatic, you might get a kick out of this, but there are much better horror offerings from this era for everyone else.

CANDACE M (es) wrote: WELL IVE SEEN MOST OF IT I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luke v (it) wrote: this is another very bad sequel but, this is just horrible and have nothing good to say about it and it's as silly as it's gets and I'll never watch this crap (again) and neither should you.

Tyron S (ru) wrote: I really did not like this film at all. It was boring, over long and it's a shame because it had a intresting premise but it was a massive miss fire on all counts.

Bradley W (ca) wrote: Not bad, but not good, this film seems to not know what kind of film it is. Part rock opera, druggy/hippy flick, sexploitation, parody, satire, that looks like it might end as a horror movie and then ends as a morality tale complete with fairy tale happy ending...A real head-scratcher for sure. Entertaining in its own right, the acting was not bad at all considering the actors were probably confused about what was going on 99% of the time.