Today You Die

Today You Die

A former thief who is trying to go straight seeks vengeance on those who framed him.

A former thief who is trying to go straight seeks vengeance on those who framed him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Helen E (ru) wrote: I enjoy watching horror films whether they are good or bad. This was horrendous. The acting was abismal, the plot incredibly lame even for a slasher theme. There wasn't nearly enough gore to compensate. It just sucked tremendously. No one seemed to care that everyone around them was dying and no one even really attempted to get away, it was just utterly ridiculous. I know it's low budget but seriously...

Gary B (it) wrote: Hilarious schlock horror!

Miguel R (es) wrote: War Horse is an incredible, poignant, and emotional drama from Steven Spielberg thanks to its outstanding performances and compelling storytelling!

Alexander L (ag) wrote: So disappointed, especially since it is about one of my favorite bands.

Ross M (ru) wrote: Rob Zombie's latest offering falls closer to House of 1000 Corpses than any of his more recent films, and that's not a good thing. The film is threadbare on plot and the set pieces feel like they are shocking for the sake of being shocking rather than to move the story forward or offer any sort of commentary on violence. That said, the film offers decent Gore effects and some of the WTF wackiness of it has charm, but not nearly enough to make it truly entertaining. It's not boring, but it certainly will not warrant repeat viewings by anyone curious to watch it in the first place. 2 1/2 stars

Artimis M (kr) wrote: Did this really need to made?

Bill R (de) wrote: However entertaining, you might find yourself wanting for laughs. An interesting take on the Arthur Conan Doyle style of detective story. Bill Pullman and Ben Stiller work well as a Sherlock/Watson duo, and a crafty use of deduction and observation that, thankfully, doesn't get spread too thin. You will find it hard not to be engaged by the end, but one can't help thinking that a combination of Stiller, Pullman & Jake Kasdan (Dewey Cox: Walk Hard) should have had you in stitches, but the poker-faced relationship between slightly spaced out Kim Dickens and Pullman will tug on the heart strings come the credits.

Edgars P (au) wrote: Fantastic, voyeuristic look at a world most people know nothing about...and maybe don't want to!

Clay C (gb) wrote: Worst movie I've ever tried to to watch. Horrible waste of time. It lives up to its reputation as worst movie.

Radu B (ag) wrote: i want to see this film

Chuck K (ru) wrote: This is actually the worst movie I have ever seen. It makes every other movie I see better.

Zack B (fr) wrote: Good western that seperates itself due to Paul Newman's fantastic performance. Great at giving social commentary on the treatment of Native Americans at a time where they were all portrayed as savages by Hollywood.

Shawn S (us) wrote: This has an imaginative premise, a competent cast, and capable direction.

Mandy C (au) wrote: Best movie of all time. Great depiction of the time it was set. Perfect casting! There will never be a remake of this one!

Juho K (de) wrote: 'Uunoltahan' se aluksi tuntuu, kun sanotaan ensin ett ollaan Moskovassa, mutta taustalla nkyy Eduskuntataloa, Kansallismuseota, Kallion kirkkoa, Seurasaarta, jne. Ei tuo kuitenkaan sitten lopuksi paljoa hirinnyt (paikkojen bongausta lukuun ottamatta) katsomiskokemusta.

Isaac C (us) wrote: Enjoyable for kids and adults all around

Sanity Assassin (ca) wrote: better than i expected. walken was so so as per usual and tom berenger didn't really do anything beside shoot a gun or two. it was the story and ending that kept it alive...