Toen was geluk heel gewoon: De film

Toen was geluk heel gewoon: De film

The Dutch football team has just released the heroic World Cup final lost to archrival West Germany. The whole country is in mourning and Jaap Kooijman throws out of sheer frustration the brand new TV out the window. This event is the prelude to an equally comical , exciting and touching family film.

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Toen was geluk heel gewoon: De film torrent reviews

Jeffrey M (jp) wrote: Strange, fanciful, yet engaging and well performed, Electrick Children is a unique movie, and an uncommon directorial debut for Rebecca Thomas. The story centers on Rachel, a 15 year old girl from a fundamentalist Mormon family in Utah who, after listening to a forbidden cassette tape with rock music, becomes inexplicably pregnant. Thinking it is the result of immaculate conception, Rachel endeavors on a quest to find the musician behind the music, befriending an odd cast of characters on her way.The premise almost makes the film sound like a comedy. It's not. I went in suspecting a strong condescension toward religion coming, and yet-- the film largely resists that temptation. In fact, it starts quite strong, giving us interesting characters, a believable world (to start), and a set up that offers a lot of intrigue. Through the film, we keep waiting for the actual source of the conception to be revealed, yet the film takes its protagonist's view very seriously. If you can accept that, and just go with the film, what follows is a journey of discovery, and something quite unique. The most impressive part of the film for me was Julia Garner's role as Rachel, an imaginative, wide-eyed young girl, who's not afraid to challenge her boundaries. Her interactions with the surrounding cast was well done, and her journey, however fanciful, felt genuine. Towards the end, however, the more whimsical elements did seem to get away from Electrick Children, resulting in a bit of an uneven tone. Still, the direction delivered an engaging narrative and a world with surrealist overtones, but real drama.3.5/5 Stars

Giorgio P (au) wrote: Masterful on every level, an idea that could have been ruined if in the wrong hands

David M (ru) wrote: Jason Bourne-style character but female and young. Great movie!!

Jack C (mx) wrote: pretty horrible, but pretty frickin awesome

Caroline L (gb) wrote: Les images de ce film sont tout simplement magnifiques! Emouvantes des les 30 premieres secondes. Quant a l'histoire, ca part plutot bien, c'est realise de facon originale, un peu tel un puzzle dont on doit replacer les pieces, mais vers la fin ca degenere et on ne comprend plus rien. J'ai ete vraiment decue par la fin du film qui se termine, comme quelques uns de ses compatriotes francais, comme si le realisateur avait manque de pellicule pour tourner!!

Francisco S (es) wrote: Little Miss Sunshine has a narrative stuffed of cliches, a predictable narrative and the strong cast can't save this movie, that, despite its great soundtrack counts with puny gags.

Steve S (kr) wrote: Hokey romantic comedy that falls flat. It offers little of interest, reveling in dull characters and silly plot contrivances.

Curtis H (nl) wrote: There are simply no dull moments in this collection of musical shorts, folktales, and vignettes from Disney animation studios. While never reaching great heights there is enough energy to maintain a typical audience attention span from start to finish. Mostly notable for the "Johnny Appleseed" and "Pecos Bill" segments, it also features the brilliant short "Bumble Boogie."

Skip F (br) wrote: Anyone who would invest 9 million dollars in a Black and White Anything (anything----movie - TV - 8mm home movie) should be COMMITTED - STERILIZED - AND THEN HUNG