Tokyo! is an anthology of three short films by directors Michel Gondry (France), Leos Carax (France) and Joon-ho Bong (Korea), each of whom offers an imaginative and transnatural/supernatural glimpse into the Tokyo Megapolis.

A cinematic triptych of three Tokyo-set stories. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nico D (ag) wrote: First of all, it's better to have a solid French culture to appreciate completely some scenes, some words are vulgar in english and in french those words are fine. The interest comes from the solid cast and the soundtrack (famous and respected french artists). However the rhythm was slow and the running gags coming from the original tv show and comic are spoiled. The film is good to watch once, but when you know the comic or the tv show, this is disappointing.

Thiago B (jp) wrote: Leve sesso para dois.

Matthew L (kr) wrote: Nothing about this film made sense. Flashbacks to surgeries that have nothing to do with the story? Mindless gore for no conceivable reason? This movie was stupid.

Nick C (fr) wrote: Amazing piece of Iranian cinema which really delves into the issues of isolationism in a world in which such issues are gaining salience.

Thomas T (ag) wrote: When nasty situations become the most joyful things ever made? That is Shaun of the Dead.

Olivier B (fr) wrote: Ozon donne dans le mlange des genres avec un doigt assez subtil, aid par 2 interprtes fascinants (Anas Demoustier, premier rle, affriolante et subtile, Duris est tonnant), le cinaste offre un film complexe et sur le fil du rasoir ( la fois conte satirique et film sentimental), le scnario est bien travaill et l'ensemble ne manque pas de tenue, mme la musique de Philippe Rombi est au diapason, lgre et mlancolique. Une excellente cuve, qui, je comprendrai bien, ne fera peut-tre pas l'unanimit. J'aime l'espce de sensibilit toujours prsente dans les films d'Ozon. Il me reste la fin couter par contre, je vous dis en un mot l'apprciation de la fin tantt.

Kathryn D (kr) wrote: Strictly TV movie stuff. I expected better.

Rodney G (fr) wrote: There are many reasons I love this movie.. thinking about it now I'm tempted, well , actually thinking of how to re-write it to make it even better.. they really should do a re-make. The reasons..One, the plot is strange and draws you in slowly. Seduces you over a two hour period, who dosen't like that? Two, Albert Finney. A great and underrated actor who adds character to an already hauntingly beautiful story. Three, I love New York, and just love to see it in movies. After researching material for an article recently, an article about street gangs in New York I became even more fascinated with this city. I visited it once in my youth and was mesmerized and vowed I'd return one day..

Troy H (us) wrote: Producer/director Pete Walker went on to make some gripping horror films, but this Hitchcock pastiche falls short of the mark. Oscar nominee Leo Genn adds some real spice as a corrupt official, but he's not in it enough. Susan George is gorgeous and gives a good performance. Alas, the pace is slack and the plot contrived.

Jeff B (ag) wrote: The special effects look terrible and the idea isn't really that great, but this film was not bad at all. It was just silly, but it still provided good fodder for MST3K.

Tom H (mx) wrote: Thin story has some great gags and a walloping climactic chase.

Valencia C (es) wrote: Yeah, this was a good movie, but then kinda boring at the same time.

Kathi M (mx) wrote: God, that was horrible.