Tokyo Emmanuelle fujin

Tokyo Emmanuelle fujin


After the director's message, "I visualize the romance of Roman Porn and I attempt to share that image," a loosely-connected series of softcore sex scenes unfolds. The plot concerns Kyoko, a young Japanese woman married to a man in France. When he abandons her, she returns to Japan. With her sexual appetite now at a high pitch, she engages in sexual escapades with a wide assortment of people, including old friends, both male and female, and an entire soccer team. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenneth H (nl) wrote: This is one of those movies that's just pure entertainment but isn't anything deeper - like Transformers for Europhilic cultural elitists. There's not really much of a plot or focus. It's split among four separate storylines that feel either dull or extremely contrived. In a way, it reminds me of Woody Allen's previous overrated baloney, Midnight in Paris. Once again, there's lots of drama and fighting between young people and their parents. Once again, people are having stupid drama and quarrels in the backdrop of an overromanticized European city with charming locals with sexy accents.The Hayley plot (with Hayley's opera director dad trying to get Hayley's future father-in-law to sing opera in the shower) is stupid; it's just a series of annoying fights between Hayley and her father, Hayley's father and Hayley's boyfriend, Hayley and her boyfriend, and Hayley's boyfriend's father and Hayley's father.The Antonio and Milly plot (with the newlyweds) is the most interesting of the four, as it features a bodacious Penlope Cruz as an alluring prostitute who helps Antonio engage in some educational adultery.The Leopoldo plot (the ordinary guy becoming famous for being famous) is the worst; it's stupid, annoying, and pointless.The John/Jack plot (with Alec Baldwin and Jesse Eisenberg playing two architects) is fairly stupid and lame, but it's also kinda interesting in a juicy gossip sort of way. I also liked John's meticulous deconstruction of Monica's faux intellectualism.I did like the main song, The Starlite Orchestra's rendition of "Amada Mia, Amore Mio". That's probably a good thing considering the movie plays it constantly.

Chris R (ca) wrote: 2Decent Scenes..thats it

Charles P (it) wrote: Ok, wait. All the meat in this film moves around in filth, goes through broken windows, is eaten by chickens (who then lay eggs which hatch into little bits of meat) amongst many other dirty things. It all ends up in the supermarket? What? This is the process that takes meat from the slaughterhouse to my dinner table? Sure. Not a good enough reason for me to stop eating meat. I cracked an egg this morning and, fortunately, it wasn't meat. That would have been weird. That might have made me stop eating eggs, a depressing thought.

Brian Y (ru) wrote: Watched randomly one day on netflix and it was a cool, quirky little movie, and pretty funny to boot.

Zahran Z (it) wrote: Sex drugs drugs drugs drugs and rock n' roll

Daniel A (mx) wrote: charming and strange film, with several aspects resembling Amlie. its worth a watch.

Rich F (ru) wrote: Remember watching this in the early 80s... It's dated poorly and only a couple of good songs on the soundtrack lifted it above 1 star

Yng Y (ca) wrote: Transgressive and intellectual with a violent poetry. Two narrative strands which are irrelevant to each other except for the common depravity. One, in a brutal past set in a beautifully barren landscape, a cannibal who even killed his own father to enjoy the human flesh. Two, the son of a Nazi industrialist who frequents the pigsties to rape the pigs, and strongly Marxist as Pasolini can. The film is very roughly edited, yet the duration spent away from the other narrative strand creates a suspenseful curiosity to return to the other story. An interestingly imperfect film to sink me into the depths, and sometimes soar with the futile on-screen intellectual exchanges.

Lee H (fr) wrote: An early expression of ancient alien theory

Adrian B (it) wrote: With the actors on show (Al Pacino, Channing Tatum and Ray Liotta) I thought tho would have been half decent but it isn't it is quite poor