Tokyo Family

Tokyo Family

In this film director Yoji Yamada bows down before his teacher and role model. Yamada was assistant director on Yazujirō Ozu’s Tōkyō monogatari, a moving family portrait set after the Second World War. In his remake, Yamada has made very few departures from Ozu’s masterpiece in order to update the story of ageing couple Shukichi and Tomiko to present day Japan. Once again, the pair decides to leave their quiet lives in the country to pay a visit to their children and grandchildren in Tokyo. Once there, they discover that neither their oldest son, a doctor named Koichi, nor their eldest daughter Shigeko - who runs a beauty parlour - has time for them: both are too busy attending to their everyday concerns. Even the youngest son went his own way. The old couple feel lonely and bewildered in the fast-paced metropolis.

In this update of Yasujiro Ozu's "Tokyo Story", a retired schoolteacher and his wife visit their three working children in modern-day Tokyo. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M W (gb) wrote: Writer/director Amin Matalqa's film about a lonely widower begrudgingly befriending the local children blossoms into a look at the yearnings of the heart as well as the price such dreaming might cost. Filmed in Amman, Jordan, here is no brand name canned soup but the rather the homemade dinner call of a promising new voice.

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