Tokyo Fist

Tokyo Fist

A businessman, Tsuda, runs into a childhood friend, Tajuki, on the subway. Tajuki is working as a semiprofessional boxer. Tsuda soon begins to suspect that Tajuki might be having an affair with his fiance Hizuru. After an altercation, Tsuda begins training rigorously himself, leading to an extremely bloody, violent confrontation.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Japanese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   rape,   dream,  

A businessman, Tsuda, runs into a childhood friend, Tajuki, on the subway. Tajuki is working as a semiprofessional boxer. Tsuda soon begins to suspect that Tajuki might be having an affair ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Beth T (au) wrote: Refreshing, raw and real.... I loved this movie. Super talented actors, fabulous musicians and a wonderful story of love, family and having a dream. See it!!!!!

Fred V (ca) wrote: Thought provoking and inclusive with suggestions for actually dealing with the problem in ways that make sense. The movie is not for those who have jerky knee syndome, as is obviously the case with many of the critic reviews. I found the movie interesting from start to finish.

Stephen R (au) wrote: 2.5 stars really...while i can see why this was considered to be boring, dull, trite, rote even...cliche....etc....and panned....i still kind of liked having it on as a half background movie while works for that...the music is placid and pretty as are the sets and the peformacnes are good...but as you might have heard, the narration is tedious and the story plodding and uninteresting....but, to conclude, i'd say if you like history and bio-pics...or just like bill might probably wanna have a look, esp if you have something else to half do while it's on....or if you just watched ken burn's long and great Roosevelts's worth peeking at this....or don't...u'll be fine

Nicole i (de) wrote: Evil Has Found Its Way OutThis is a horror/thriller film that's told in three chapters, Shakti ('The Divine Mother'), Devi ('The Goddess'), and Kali ('The Mother Goddess'). It's centered around one specific group, Taylor-Eriksson, that was formed in the eighties in India. They performed ancient rituals to try to achieve something greater than themselves. They were always pushing the limit to see how far they could go.Tears of Kali is a German movie and it's dubbed in English. That can be kind of annoying but I got used to it quickly because the story gets so engrossing. This is an awesome low-budget movie. It starts out by introducing you to the Taylor-Eriksson group (with something gruesome that happens there), then it delves into the first chapter. Each chapter has its amount of gore and horror. Something that's supposed to be so freeing for your soul turns out to be an unleashing of terror. The second chapter was especially lurid and suspenseful. But, all in all, this movie was unique in the way it unfolded and it was genuinely scary. I recommend Tears of Kali to pretty much every horror fan.

Giorgos V (nl) wrote: Endiaferon ergaki (alithini istoria) alla vareto. Low budget tainia tha mporouse na einai ypervolika kalytero kai oxi videokaseta amerikanikh. Vlepetai alla kai na mhn to deis de tha patheis tipota

Matthew S (fr) wrote: Terry Zwigoff's adaptation of Daniel Clowes graphic novel is inspired, painfully realistic while also pulling us into a surreal existential realization. It is impossible to understand how Thora Birch failed to become a major actor and Scarlett Johansson did. Johansson is clearly a talented actor, but there is always a vaguely passive doe-eye'd boredom conveyed in almost every role she plays. Here this is a perfect match for Birch's rebellious and inappropriate character.There is an ever-present cruelty hiding within Enid. It is never clearly explored, but seems to be tied to her childhood. It doesn't really matter. It is to Birch's credit that we can actually relate to her and her often bad choices. Steve Buscemi is an amazingly unique and effective film actor. I don't think I've ever seen an actress who manages to create a chemistry with him as effective as in this movie. As Enid burns her bridges and stubbornly holds true to her identity be it for better or worse, Thora Birch is able to build her character so well that we follow her. We may not totally understand her choices. But as the film comes to its close, her logic takes on a sad reality. There is a great deal more going on in the haunting film than first appears. This is an entertaining, magical and surprisingly dark film. A Must See.

Phil F (br) wrote: Anyone who dismisses this movie as a frat boy drunk fest is entirely missing the point. This film satirizes political correctness in this country, spotlighting the utter absurdity of the practice, and does this quite well. The setting is Port Chester University (PCU), a Connecticut institution of higher learning that is befitting the initialism. Pretty much everyone on campus falls in line with the PC doctrine, with the major exception of members of The Pit, a nihilistic coed "fraternity" led by James "Droz" Andrews (Jeremy Piven), a seven-year college student. Throwing 100 pounds of meat on a peaceful vegan protest, having a smoke-a-thon on Earth Day, and installing speed bumps on handicapped ramps are what these guys and girls do for fun. The Pit has many adversaries, including the yuppie Republican "fraternity" Balls and Shaft, led by Rand McPherson (David Spade), the President of PCU, and the Womynists. Balls and Shaft want to reclaim the house that The Pit stole from them back in the sixties, and have the full support of the President, who presents The Pit with a $7500 damage bill that must be covered in order to keep the house and remain on campus. Prospective student Tom (Chris Young) is enlisted to aid them in their quest to pay the damage bill, after he has managed to piss off the rest of the campus. Very entertaining movie. I give it four stars.

Kyle G (fr) wrote: Not as good as the original, broke some rules, but a worthy sequel.

Ryan M (kr) wrote: A film that maintains its humor and characters without losing accessibility through a complex social narrative

Stephen M (de) wrote: Two hypocritical sickos attempt to rid the island of Mykonos of deviant behaviour. If it were more competently made and decently acted, this notorious shocker could have been truly nasty, instead of the controversy-courting piece of trash it is. The film tries so hard to be the most perverted and offensive thing you've ever seen that it becomes, ultimately, hysterically camp. As an example of this, the goat in the rape scene is definitely underage! The British version is heavily cut but, on the plus side, it's over sooner.


Katherine B (es) wrote: Une femme bisexuelle riche ramasse un jeune artiste de rue dans le sud de la France. Tous deux sont galement aprs le mme homme, et un dans le triangle amoureux ne survivra pas. Franais avec sous-titres

Samantha H (ca) wrote: very well played out... it was weird towards the "middle" it felt like the movie was over and it could end... and then it was like it started back up again... Baz Luhrmann's long awaited follow up to Moulin Rouge! is a bright, bold, epic adventure with sumptuous cinematography.

Alejandro C (br) wrote: Se veia venir lo que iba a pasar. Lo mejor de la pelicula: los actores.

Byron B (us) wrote: The movie opens with the same boat captain and some recycled clips of the "Amazon" river from the first movie. But don't fear. Compared to other Universal monster pics there is very little of this recycling going on here. Two scientists finally succeed in drugging the creature enough to put it in a coma and take it to civilization. It is not inconceivable, but I thought it was a little funny that a San Francisco boat goes to the Amazon to take the creature to Florida. I had a hard time keeping track of these scientists from the intro, but I think they are written out of the plot once the creature arrives in Florida. Prof. Clete Ferguson (Agar) is established as the new hero. Helen (Lori Nelson) is the new woman that the professor, another diver named Joe, and the Gill-Man fight over. She is gorgeous, but also a grad student studying fish. Despite her brains, there is a risque strip tease scene in which the creature spies on Helen. The plot is a bit like King Kong with themes of wildlife being mistreated for human entertainment until the beast escapes with the beauty. The underwater scenes now have some dialog because the divers have throat microphones to communicate with those on the surface or through a speaker with the Gill-Man in his prison tank. The creature's suit has been slightly altered. Ricou Browning still does all the underwater scenes, but now Tom Hennesy plays the creature when it walks. Again I don't really see it as a horror movie. You feel slightly sorry for the Gill-Man, but I didn't really feel anything very strongly while watching this sequel.

Mikhail B (de) wrote: A light comedy on growing pains of marriage with lots of love triangles.

Paul D (gb) wrote: Fascinating exploration of sexual power and fetish, which is not all it initially seems after a while.