Tolgo il disturbo

Tolgo il disturbo

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logan g (es) wrote: :( wtf is this Pease of ####

Jlio A (kr) wrote: Incrvel como essa histria s caiu. Um filme de quase 3 horas, uma protagonista que tinha um potencial foda. Vira um pastiche de filmes de tribunais e histrias policiais. Acabou no lugar comum de muitos e muitos filmes do mesmo tipo.Triste comparando com um primeiro filme espetacular.Nem d vontade de ler mais os livros.

Trevor P (gb) wrote: The only real things that this movie absolutely messes up on is the dialogue (which has always been weak) and the choppiness in balancing each character's story arc. But otherwise, all players from the actors to the technicians go all-out in their craft, handing the heavy suspense and conflict with tremendous respect to its source material. With cold-looking yet breathtaking landscapes that match the greatness of the heroes' struggle, Deathly Hallows- Part 1 stands as the perfect allegory toward racial differences in the form of wizards and muggles that will best prepare coming-of-age teenagers as they face the disturbing realities of life and death.

Vicky B (ca) wrote: meh, Freddie Prinze in a nutshell. Taryn Manning used to be GOODd, what happened? kinda cute, kinda not - very predicatble, yet i sat through it, thinking it would get better. i was wrong, because it didn't.

Andy P (es) wrote: This modern take on the classic Dickens' novel is fun, but not great. It's no 'Groundhog Day' but Bill Murray's performance is worth watching.

Carlson C (ru) wrote: This is the most extreme no-budget exploitation movie out there.

Ronald S (nl) wrote: Antoine and Collette section -- a bittersweet love story. Very touching and funny.

Mad M (it) wrote: Hilarious. Full of laughs.