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Brian S (au) wrote: Manie Malone stole the show.

Will C (mx) wrote: I honestly dont know why this film has such bad reviews, reading througb the comments was kind of a shock. To me this film was comedy gold.

Tjie T (ru) wrote: ignore the movie description. this rating is for takashi miike's master of horror short movie

Jayme S (es) wrote: He is undeniably funny. His facial expressions alone.

Anna B (br) wrote: Kristen Stewart's best performance ever.

Aroonav D (ru) wrote: Deeply disturbing potrayal of the Taliban regime...has the impact of a documentary...powerful!! :|

Graeme H (us) wrote: Surprisingly hard to confuse with First Daughter, the film plays the same way. A less-than-interesting female lead ultimately shown-up by a good actor. In this case, that actor is Colin Firth. In the end, the film's greatest asset was reuniting Firth and Chancellor, who played the Bingleys A&E's Pride and Prejudice.

Cal V (gb) wrote: My favorite Wes Anderson film. Like a modern day Harold and Maude!

Denise M (nl) wrote: As a beagle owner and dog lover in general, what's not to like about this touching film. Has me crying everytime!

Abdul M (ru) wrote: my fave bollywood film of all time! This is truly a remarkable film! It is that type of film where u can watch over and over again! And the way Amitabh Bachchan played Vijay Chauhan is jaw dropping! And Mithun as well! His character is so funny and played it so good! Overall, best film i have seen thus far!

Shane D (au) wrote: An homage/sequel to H.G. Lewis's Blood Feast. This movie is a splatter filled, campy extravaganza. Filled with some of the most ridiculous death scenes and hairdos the eighties had to offer.

Richard B (au) wrote: An oddity, because it wasn't made as part of the Carry On series: they changed the title in the hope it'd make more money. It's got a story, a more subtle brand of humour, and no Kenneth Williams. At the same time, it's nothing special.

Dawn M (jp) wrote: Good performances all around, especially from Gere.

Carlos M (ag) wrote: I can think of a million things that could make this movie funnier, oh thats right they are mexicans not dominican, nevermind then

Stefan M (ru) wrote: It is exactly what it's supposed to be, funny. You suspend disbelief and enjoy. There are some classic scenes that stand the test of time and make this one of the best 80's movies, that for some reason, doesn't get its due.