Tom Papa: Human Mule

Tom Papa: Human Mule

Tom Papa has become a Human Mule and he’s not afraid to admit it. In this follow up to his 2013 special, Tom is at his fast paced comedic best while relating the everyman struggles of family life, falling behind to the super rich and his hilarious cure for angry young men.

Comedian Tom Papa knows exactly what a mule feels like. Well| sorta. His third hour-long stand-up special. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Riley H (gb) wrote: Not very well made. Definitely not for vegans.

Rodrigo R (au) wrote: I could not help comparing it to the Iranian so-much-praised "A Separation" - and the truth is, although less hyped about, "678" is way, way better.

Shadow L (jp) wrote: A really fun to watch documentary. Many of the people involved with the scene are interviewed including Henry Rollins, Siouxsie Sioux, Mick Jones, Poly Styrene, and more. Definitely a must see for people who used to be punks or are in the new generation of punks.

Shaun B (nl) wrote: Baldin is a good actor, but he is NOT an action star. He's much better with comic timing.

Mark H (mx) wrote: The end of a war and the beginning of life. Sure, it may be an anti-war film, but it is a love story on several levels. I was fascinated by Madame de Courtil's obsession with finding her missing husband, and Commandant Dellaplane's commitment to identifying the unknowns. There were some coincidental happenings that added spice and interest to the plot.

Eric B (de) wrote: It's easy to imagine complaints that "nothing happens" in this nearly two-hour film from the young Wim Wenders, but its pacing is so perfect -- exactly as slow as the story requires, but not a minute slower -- that I only marveled at its confident, expert direction.Philip Winter (Rudiger Vogler, who played the same character in five Wenders films spanning 20 years) is a German journalist visiting America to write a story about his impressions. But his muse has let him down, and instead he finds himself just snapping endless Polaroid photos. (Seasoned Wenders fans will note his steady motif of characters fixated on capturing reality through a camera.)When the airport tells Philip that his flight home is delayed, he meets two other stranded Germans: an attractive woman named Lisa and her nine-year-old daughter Alice. After Lisa and Philip strike up a friendship, Lisa says she has unfinished business with Alice's nearby father and -- rather implausibly, yes -- hands Alice over to Philip and tells them to fly overseas without her. She'll catch up later.From there, the story rests almost entirely upon Philip and Alice (Yella Rottlander). The script does not make any great demands on Rottlander (whose acting career included only three other roles), but she is a relaxed, natural presence. Just an ordinary kid, minus any exaggerated spunk or wit.When Lisa does not arrive in Amsterdam as scheduled, Philip and Alice are forced to live as temporary companions. Philip has little money and can scarcely provide for himself, much less for a young girl who's typically self-absorbed and oblivious to budget concerns. But the two bond anyway, and the script does a nice job of portraying them as equals and avoiding the situation's potential creepiness (though it's a safe bet that, if this film were made today, Rottlnder wouldn't casually walk around shirtless).Philip remains kind and patient with Alice, but understandably becomes nervous about the possibility of being saddled with an abandoned child. Alice's mention of a grandmother sends them on a rental-car journey to find her, but weak knowledge of the woman's name or whereabouts means the search is difficult. Until the very end, it's unclear whether the story will firmly resolve or just fade away (but, hey, that final shot is a snazzy reverse-zoom).Krautrock legends Can perform the score, though it's not impressive and lacks the band's typical groove. "Alice in the Cities" also has what may be the least likely Chuck Berry cameo ever, though it's obvious that Wenders just borrowed some Berry concert footage and used cross-cuts to simulate his actors sitting in the audience.

eric e (fr) wrote: Steve McQueen did two of the best escape movies ever made. This is one of them.

Karsh D (ca) wrote: God fearing man takes a troubled girl under his care to cure her of her problems with his unusual methods.

TheIan E (de) wrote: Not as good as the original but Vincent Price is excellent as always and his version of over the rainbow finishes things nicely.

David W (au) wrote: You will lose in a coin toss in this western thriller on the new wave of villainy in society

Bill B (it) wrote: The wife and I gave this a spin whilst lazing around in bed on a quiet afternoon, and I really enjoyed it form start to finish. Just some fun popcorn fare, filled with vaguely sketched characters and a ton of action, and for what I was looking for that afternoon, it was exactly what the doctor ordered.Well worth a look.

Zoi K (nl) wrote: A hymn to youth, love and sexual desire. Mischievous and blasphemous as the look on Pasolini's eyes playing Chaucer himself. A genuine "Pasolinian" movie.

Jack G (br) wrote: And the moral of the story is... the 1890s were Not that kind for love and marriage. basically, if you were a man decided to take a woman as your own, even if the women didn't love the man, that was basically 'marriage' without it being real - and God help the woman if she actually wanted to get married to someone else who loved her back. no, 'not that kind' doesn't cut it. fucked was more like it.visually arresting (via the late 2001 DP Unsworth), an utterly compelling breakthrough in the lady Kinski... occasionally quite dry, but made up for by the passions (shown or shoved under the rug) of the characters.