Tom Thumb in the Land of the Giants

Tom Thumb in the Land of the Giants

A bizarre adventure in which a young boy is chased by a masked phantom holding a severed arm in a graveyard. A man with one arm appears and is handed the severed arm by the phantom. Then a giant woman appears enveloping the boy. An unsettling and delirious apocalyptic atmosphere pervades the movie, designed as a trailer for a "film of the future."

A bizarre and prophetic adventure in which a young boy is chased by a masked phantom holding a severed arm in a graveyard. Images of twin towers in which the boy enters and falls surrounded... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tom Thumb in the Land of the Giants torrent reviews

Greg W (br) wrote: felt like an extended episode of HBO's 'Girls" which is ok by me cos i just love that show and liked this one

Adam K (mx) wrote: That this movie exists at all is something of a miracle. It's an oxymoron: a great movie by and about high schoolers. Apparently Michel Gondry worked with these kids for three years to write and film this movie, and the effort certainly shows. But Gondry's influence is only really apparent in the creative and characteristic cinematography choices. The themes, storylines, and character arcs are all too fresh and real to come from an experienced art filmmaker. Getting genuinely representational stories from inner-city multiracial youth has to be something of a holy grail for activist filmmakers. The problem is that no high schoolers anywhere could actually make a film this good.But these kids did it. They have a few rough edges as actors, but they always feel deeply comfortable in front of the camera, achieving a natural, improvisatory feel that really pulls off the realism of the stories. I love a good ensemble cast (death to the protagonist!), and this one is used really effectively. Most characters play into several of the ongoing story arcs, acting as side characters in each others' dramas. Each storyline features a few main characters but also enriches several others, showing how sensitive our personality and identity are to the social and situational contexts we find ourselves in. The themes are familiar and universal - bullying, romance, sexuality, social status, etc. - but the vibrant blend of cultures embodied in these uniquely modern kids has a gritty vitality that feels very comfortable in its own skin (again the natural acting is key) and is super fun to experience vicariously. While a genius or just hard-working group of teens could easily master the technical challenges of acting and filming a work like this, it beggars belief that they could write such subtle and mature handlings of these themes (and according to the credits, they didn't, but I actually find that even harder to believe). Each arc is content to be the human story, belying interpretation, even perhaps scorning the idea that these kids' lives should fit into narratives and categories that don't belong to them. The best arcs all concern a girl named Teresa, who stands at a very unusual intersection of status, sexual identity, and consent issues - all of which the movie is confident enough to simply put out there without offering any commentary.Far more so even then important and revolutionary representational works like Orange is the New Black, or the science fiction of Octavia Butler, The We and The I exemplifies the incredible value perspectives outside the white community, or even the cultural establishment, have in enriching art. The debate about cultural appropriation is an intellectual morass that invites overeager judgmentalism that greases the wheels to easy, pat answers. But this film is maybe the best modern example of a beautiful, fruitful, appropriate exchange and collaboration. To honor and give voice to the perspective of your source community is not just respectful (and I'm certainly not convinced it's a moral obligation): it makes a much classier, richer product. The cynic in me says that what happened here can't be replicated, but whether it can happen or not, more people should be trying to make films like The We and The I.

Kaity J (mx) wrote: I think that this is one of the most inspiring stories I've heard in a while, and on a lot of different levels. You have women empowerment, the joining of Christians and Muslims in a positive light, and the idea that peace can come about through peaceful, non-violent methods. This real-life example should be used world-wide as an argument for peaceful, non-war tactics being used to solve issues. It's shocking, heartbreaking, moving, and in the end triumphant. Wonderful.

Peter M (ca) wrote: Ill be brutally honest and say this was just plain dull. Inofensive but dull.

Brian L (kr) wrote: Every form of cliche has been balled up into a sticky sappy over acted wanna be family contrived dilemma where a lonely widower falls for his brothers girlfriend on a weekend get together. The actors plug away at this awful plot with bad overly burdened dialog that seems to be serious but in true 70s fashion ends in heart felt all knowing smiles and hugs. Ickk!! Two stars because maybe your girlfriend will like it.

Thrse F (kr) wrote: Not at all interested

Ivica S (jp) wrote: Wow best true story ever....Steve Prefontaine best american runner from Oregon held every record from 2,000mil through 10,000mil..... 5star must see....

Luis A (nl) wrote: Perhaps because I saw it at the film festival, but it surprised me how entertaining it was.

Daniele G (ru) wrote: Simply amazing. I love Mazursky and I love Allen and together they are like a bomb. The movie is so actual that that it could be done today.

Noelle W (kr) wrote: I think I might have to watch this one again. I was not in the mood. Of course, I was secretly hoping that Pam Grier would appear, but that didn't pan out. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Bradley P (jp) wrote: Kes is beyond heartbreaking as it seems all too real. The story of a young boy with a troubled life finding his paradise and escape with a hawk is beautifully told and rendered through beautiful cinematography and direction. To say this film is anything less than beautiful is a disgrace, the coming of age stories are usually ones that are nostalgic and tragic and Kes manages to capture the viewers heart.

CJ C (au) wrote: A classic Michael Caine/Shirley MacLaine caper. Unfortunately, the comedy aspect ruins the heist suspense.

Phillie E (ag) wrote: By the numbers, generic, assembly line rom-com. Unsubscribed!

Carol G (br) wrote: Charming story, well executed, beautiful scenery, good message, and great music.... The acting is great, and Brendan Gleeson was very engaging!