A budding female race-car driver finally meets her racing idol and unbelievably they fall in love...a love that's quickly put to the test when, having received the chance to show her racing talents, the two find themselves in a race for a multi-million dollar sponsorship contract.

Scrappy, willful, and fiercely self-reliant spitfire hoyden automobile mechanic Tomasina 'Tommy' Boyd develops a huge crush on cocky race car driving dreamboat hunk Randy Starr after meeting Randy at a party held at a jerky rich guy's house. However, male chauvinist Randy won't take Tommy seriously because she's a gal, so Tommy dares Randy to a high stakes souped-up automobile race in order to win over his respect. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tomboy torrent reviews

Edward K (it) wrote: such a terrible movie only thing that looked decent was the creatures

Quiche E (br) wrote: Une Etoile et demie JUSTE pour Neve, sa fraicheur ne sauve pas le film du bourbier dans lequel il s'est mit seul...

Jenn M (it) wrote: This totally wasnt what i thought it would be about. i was picturing a hitman with a gun movie but this was very different. Not a story you hear everyday.....widow finds snuff film in husbands possessions. hires nic cage to find out if its real. he goes searching thru the sredy underbelly of bootleg porn. finds the weirdos and seeks justice it was okay. not something i would be like, hey we gotta watch this, but not the worst ive seen. still far superior to Ghost Rider

Scott K (fr) wrote: When a film hits too close to home I obviously feel uncomfortable. I got a different feeling from Metroland. I was so drawn in and busy looking for answers that any uncomfortable moments became insightful ones.One of the best films I have ever seen.

Andrew S (br) wrote: this movie is pretty bad...but it's also pretty funny. steve buscemi is brilliant.

Guy V (gb) wrote: Wow i thought the first was bad, this one was even worse. dialogue is horrendous . They even reused some footage from the first movie as part of this movie!

larry g (au) wrote: I seen this movie when i was very young back in the day, any who it was funny to me then and it's still funny as hell to me now and o i almost forgot i watched this movie with my mom when i was 11 years old lol thanks ma.

Dianna D (kr) wrote: O.o; Camila irritates me lol

Mel (es) wrote: the kind of movie the industry makes for itself, about itself. therefore, boring.

Miguel A (nl) wrote: Um grande actor tambm aquele que nos deixa a pensar que mais ningum faria aquele papel to bem como ele. E assim acontece quase sempre com Burt Lancaster: ele que assume a posse dos personagens e leva-nos a crer que nenhum outro podia calar aqueles sapatos. O Lou de "Atlantic City" no assim to diferente do Prncipe Fabrizio de "The Leopard": os dois tentam manter a face limpa e o cavalheirismo intacto enquanto sua volta ruem os valores de outrora. Contudo, o Prncipe de "The Leopard" est encurralado entre um presente estranho e um tempo que j foi, enquanto o Lou de "Atlantic City" persegue permanentemente um tempo que est sempre por acontecer. Como background de uma histria de amor e droga (duas torres impossveis de ignorar na paisagem da dependncia), Atlantic City quase uma segunda-diviso de ltimas esperanas para os que perderam tudo na primeira (Las Vegas). "Atlantic City" oscila entre situaes duras e uma realidade mais prxima da comdia para novelas, mas a sua narrativa produz constantemente uma mistura de mgoa e desiluso que sobrar para algum no final, um pouco como a roleta que, para fazer um feliz, tem de deixar uns quantos na merda.

Timm S (au) wrote: Heavy Material With A Hypnotic Edge, Some Parts Far Too Sharp For One To Take On..Hence, The Rating Suffers. It Has Some Solid Acting Performances, But Suffers From The Sudden Cutting & Jumping Plot Style.