Tommys Inferno

Tommys Inferno

Doing IT, or not doing IT, that is the question for leading man Tommy. His long time girlfriend Maria is ready to take the leap from fumbling touches and making out to the real thing. Tommy...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rain,   school,   church,  

Doing IT, or not doing IT, that is the question for leading man Tommy. His long time girlfriend Maria is ready to take the leap from fumbling touches and making out to the real thing. Tommy... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay A (kr) wrote: The only thing I like about this film Is some Nude-Babes and Gore Yancy Butler's Character but it can't be save because it Has Bad Special- Non-sense Story

Hal M (gb) wrote: Excellent thriller. In the vein of "Blood Simple," "Blue Velvet" and "Following". Well written, photographed, acted, everything. Director Henrik Ruben Genz has been knocking on the doors for years to get a chance to make a movie and he's made the most of it. Recommended.

Eric H (gb) wrote: Although it is extremely raw, real and dark; that is also the reason it should be watched. These films are the reason films began in the first place. These are films about life, and the hardships we face. Especially in countries like this, where moreen trying to book a hotel room is nearly impossible. I think we all need to just put aside our opinions on abortions, as most of them are superficial anyway...and just see the film for what it is: truth.

Al M (de) wrote: A zombie film that makes you wish your own brain was dead....

Jennifer H (kr) wrote: I fell esleep watching it - what does that tell you?

Russell S (es) wrote: Aesthetically benign and largely dull and uninteresting, not even Sandra Bullock can save this flick from being one giant sleeping pill. The final action sequence of the boat crashing through countless objects, jettys, vehicles, buildings etc is great fun and very well done but it really is the only decent thing about the movie.

Phil H (it) wrote: Classic Charles Band stuff this, a real B-movie :) not that its terrible I might add, it not too bad really, the plot is rather odd and makes no real sense, something about a devil girl leaving hell and coming to earth to see what its like and falling in love whilst ridding the living of evil folk.Pretty weird and pointless with many questions but we won't delve further into it as I'm sure it doesn't matter. Cast is unknown but not totally useless, Angela Featherstone is the only name here, effects are dodgy to say the least but some makeup isn't all that bad. Gotta love these Full Moon gems.

winesha r (ru) wrote: I wanna see this movie

Eve C (jp) wrote: Pour une fois que les ricains font quelque chose de song (C) !!!

Aaron E (ag) wrote: Fun at times, but really just too dated for the majority of the movie to be that effective.

Luke K (au) wrote: Wet Hot American Summer is a crazy, slapstick cult classic, and it's really hit and miss. David Wain's style of goofy sketch comedy isn't for everyone, and for the most part I'm a fan of his movies. This one, however, I am really torn on. There are some really funny gags in this movie, and moments where it's comedic charm really shines. But for every joke that hits, there are three that fall flat, and the main problem of Wet Hot American Summer is how crazy uneven it is. It's a mess. However, I struggle to just write it off as a stupid comedy, because the moments that do work work really well. The scenes with David Hyde Pierce and Janeane Garofalo are hilarious, and the story with Michael Showalter and Marguerite Moreau works really well and has a perfect payoff. And the standout is Christopher Meloni, who has some serious comedic chops. What doesn't work is Paul Rudd's character, which I thought was just unnecessary, and the subplot with Bradley Cooper felt out of place with the film's slapstick edge - it seemed to be giving the movie some heart, but then it didn't go anywhere, and it just kinda disrupted the tone. Wet Hot American Summer isn't for everyone - it's parodic tone is misguided at times and it is really uneven as a comedy. That being said, I can see the certain messy charm it has to warrant its status as a cult classic.