Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow Morning

After twelve years spent abroad, the main character returns to his native city, where he meets his old love, friends and parents again They spend four days together and after that nothing will be the same in their lives. TOMORROW MORNING is a love drama. It speaks of a deep passion, sensuality, tenderness, jealousy, possessiveness , infidelity -conflict between irrational and rational. But, above all, it speaks of a need to bring back time, to treasure the moment of happiness and togetherness, the time of great expectations, the moment that happens once and never returns. It speaks of self rediscovery.

After twelve years spent abroad, the main character returns to his native city, where he meets his old love, friends and parents again They spend four days together and after that nothing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lauran W (de) wrote: The first time I watched this movie, I was completely engrossed in the plot. When the story came to a close, I had no idea what I had just watched. This annoyed me after I had become so invested in Telly's plight. This movie was the first love/hate relationship I had with a movie. I am not a huge fan of alien movies, but this is an exception.

Anwar H (nl) wrote: worst movie ever! :(

Thomas G (ru) wrote: This close to Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, I decided to watch an piece of African cinema known as "A Screaming Man", which is about a 60 year-old champion swimmer that now works as a pool cleaner at a hotel in the country of Chad with his son. Despite trying to maintain peace in the only place that he believes he fits, there is constant, bloody civil wat going on in Chad. He and his son are forced to make difficult decisions while being crushed by pressure to support their government. I enjoyed the film myself. I loved watching the relationship between the father and his son play out, and their are times of the film that are tragic, and it is even interesting to watch a film like this, that really does display a sort of culture. I feel that because there is so much turmoil in African countries, that gives support and inspiration to make these kind of films. But the problem with a film like this (at least for American audiences) is that they may not be used to this sort of culture and turmoil that goes on in these countries. Another problem is that it is confusing at times, and it is hard to follow. It was for me, at least for the first thirty minutes. But that does not make the film any less worth watching, at least once.

steve b (mx) wrote: might have to check it out

Michael W (ru) wrote: Likely a good indication the vampire phenomenon has stretched too far as we get vampires Steven Seagal-style. Seagal feels more like a support player here. Offers nothing new or original, Seagal's worst film in an otherwise stellar career.

Nolan M (us) wrote: 50 Cent should stick to music...rappers can't act.

Louis S (it) wrote: A film that can resist, to a point, a clichd finale is a good thing.

Mike C (jp) wrote: An thoroughly enjoyable and wonderful movie!

Sanity Assassin (it) wrote: i'm going to say it. it's hard to say it. i really am. no i'm not? yes, i am! oh no... Keira Knightley did some good acting. oh no, i can't believe i said it. i'm going to have to go and get my memory erased! aside from that... really gritty solid drama about heroin and family life

dave g (kr) wrote: lame and fake as hell

Mark A (jp) wrote: Babel is an ambitious, weighty drama, typically well-crafted and directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. However, like some of his earlier films, it overreaches its grasp, filling its runtime with numerous characters and plotlines that feel too inorganic and unbelievable to connect

Mike V (ru) wrote: Featuring solid performances and a clever, witty screenplay, this well-paced comedy of errors contains some very funny and original scenes. The chemistry between De Niro and Stiller is perfectly matched. 1001