Tong tian lao hu

Tong tian lao hu


Casanova Wong stars as bodyguard Chen whose client master criminal Liang (Yen Shi Kwan) has destroyed his businessover the loss of a valuable jade horse. This drives the uncomprehending Chen to the brink of insanity a situation exploited by two conniving conmen Lee and Lund who use the mad kung fu expert to lead them to Liangs money . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Connor M (gb) wrote: Love it! Found it very entertaining.

Dave R (au) wrote: Well it pretty funny movie for a romantic comedy one man does anything he can to get the girl pretty much

Arun C (au) wrote: One of a kind mature love story. The characters and their performances compete with the Coastal Italian town Sorrento's scenic beauty to make the movie a good visual feast.

Jervaughn G (ca) wrote: SO AWESOME!!!!! It made me turn up and get wild.

Shawn M (ru) wrote: Snapshots from life on Sta Monica Blvd although really lacks bite. No pun intended

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Francisco G (ca) wrote: The campiest of all the Karnstein trilogy from Hammer films is just a very boring vampire flick that seems to be in constant love with Yutte Stensgaard, because all you get is gratuitous shots of her, around, doing things I barely remember. Again, as with most the vampire flicks from Hammer, everything is very polished and with good attention to details, with the lesbian undertones the movie carries daring for the time but ultimately hollow as an outcome.

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Seth R (gb) wrote: I can't figure out if this was an offbeat, brilliant, quirky bit of black humor, or simply a total mess of a movie. There's certainly a lot of talent put to pretty good use here: Robin Wright Penn more than holds her own in every scene with Sean Penn, John Travolta, James Gandolfini, and Harry Dean Stanton -- and all of them are terrific. And you want to sympathize with her plight. But the film turns downright bizarre three-quarters of the way through -- like all of a sudden Quentin Tarantino took the reins from Nick Cassavettes. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but like I said, I'm just not sure if Nick meant for this to happen, or if he just lost control.