Tony Manero

Tony Manero

A man is obsessed with John Travolta's disco dancing character from "Saturday Night Fever".

A man is obsessed with John Travolta's disco dancing character from . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don E (ca) wrote: Fascinating to watch. Acting is superb, and the movie overall is 5 stars.

Chris T (kr) wrote: A mysterious little indie.For large stretches of the ~solving a disappearance(TM) section of the film, I thought Doug(TM)s friends were staging the mystery to snap him out of a depression. I am almost still not convinced that they didn(TM)t fabricate the whole thing just to rekindle his dormant sleuthing skills. Beautifully shot with an excellent soundtrack, but the slow slow pacing left me wanting.

David B (it) wrote: One of my favourite films and one my childhood films. The films is very similar to The Thing in a lot of ways but more Action then Horror, compare to most aliens films this one is fresh story and very different to what most horror/action adds the story is well written it's mix with horror,action and Sci-fi. Kyle MacLachlan acting some people say he is plain but thing is he ment to when you watch the film you see why and it's I think one the best work of his. Not scary horror mild but it is fantastic film. worth a watch cause it is fantastic and it is sad it's pretty much forgotten. 4.5/5

Mete D (nl) wrote: Not as good as the first 2 movies but still ok.

Hobie P (us) wrote: The mother will piss you off in this. Awesome film. Check it out.

Byron B (gb) wrote: Martin starred, wrote, and produced, yet this lacked the fun of most of his more silly comedies. Claire Danes surely has "It," that something that draws men, young and old, to her. The triangle is somewhat similar to Clara Bow's movie It. There is a crude scene with Schwartzman suggesting a Ziploc back for contraception that made me laugh. Otherwise, Danes' character's depression affects the whole mood.

Sam S (de) wrote: Demolition Man may come off as an average action movie at first, but its interesting narrative premise, strong character performances, fun action sequences, and humor make for one of the best action movies of the 90s.

Mohammed A (fr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Doug C (au) wrote: A suspense B-noir with many good twists and turns. The movie never seems to end in that great, noirish, lost-in-the-tangled-plot sort of way. Lizabeth Scott plays a great femme fatale who stumbles on $60,000 with her husband, then kills him with the help of Dan Duryea, the owner of the money who tracks the couple and demands his money back from Scott. Nice acting by Scott and good plot movement all the way up to a climactic finale in a Mexico hotel room.