Too Big to Fail

Too Big to Fail

Based on the bestselling book by Andrew Ross Sorkin, 'Too Big to Fail' offers an intimate look at the epochal financial crisis of 2008 and the powerful men and women who decided the fate of the world's economy in a matter of a few weeks.

Financial leaders spring into action when the U.S. economy falters in 2008. With just weeks to go before the country plunges into the most devastating financial crash since the Great Depression, the powerbrokers on both sides scramble to pull the failing economy back from the brink of disaster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Art B (br) wrote: Cinema forever!! Love this film!

Tevi S (de) wrote: It supposed to be a new breed of HK Super Heroes Movie but end up with a shallow plot and predictable story.. Aaron Kwok is so nervous playing as a clown turn heroes, along with Shu Qi as a flower vase, also the Visual Effect and Make-Up look a little messy and cheap.. But I should give 2 thumbs up for its theme song which performed by Aaron Kwok him self..

Gillian M (es) wrote: I feel like i have mixed feelings about this film. It's not quite what i expected. I was expecting a comedy but i just didn't find it funny at all. Now i haven't watched Curb Your Enthusiasm or Seinfield so maybe if you like those shows you would find some humour in this film? I just found it to be a bit depressing and slightly awkward to watch. Don't get me wrong i didn't dislike it, i just probably didn't get the point of it.The biggest positive of this film for me was Rachel Evan Wood, I think this is the most likable character i have ever seen her play, she was adorable and very beautiful. I couldn't suspend my belief enough to find it believable that she would fall for Larry David... I thought everyone did a good job acting wise but I felt quite awkward every time Larry David talked to the audience watching the film, it felt quite forced and i think it was meant to be more natural. Even though i appear to have more negatives than positives about this film, I still found it to be very watchable. If you like very dry humour then you will probably enjoy this film.

Daniel W (es) wrote: me hizo acordar a "Speed"

Ethan B (br) wrote: You might look at the reviews for this film and think that this is going to be a really terrible Christmas movie, but it's really far from it. The reviews make it seem like a so-bad-it's-funny type of film, but it's actually entertaining in its deliberateness. I actually laughed quite a lot. I tried to find the good in this movie and found a lot of it. It could have been better script-wise, and by allowing the presents to have been seemingly lost and magically arriving under the tree would have been a better twist. Although I liked the film and would watch it again, it could have been a lot better on the technical side. The timeline doesn't make much sense. You're never sure where they are in their 4 hour trek between Illinois and Wisconsin. They abruptly appear certain places crossing the same paths with people multiple times in different cities. It's just confusing if you try to rationalize it. This, along with carless continuity errors in the script, and you have a nitpicker's dream.Also, they never settle on a set theme. They sort of go back and forth seeming to forget which direction they want to go. It plays the "Santa is real" game, but then sacrifice its full potential for a "just stop stressing and everything will work out" message, all while trying to mend Boyd and his father's relationship--a plot culmination that somehow got neglected amidst everything else.Joel McHale plays Boyd well, who is a very relatable character in many respects. Clark Duke is also very good as Boyd's younger brother, Nelson. However, Robin Williams and Candice Bergen don't bring much of anything to their roles--especially chemistry with each other. And since when did Lauren Graham become such a bad actress?With a little more pedantic attention this movie would have appealed to even the harshest of critics. But there are some very funny in-jokes and scenarios that kept me laughing, and I appreciate the messages that come across. I can see this movie becoming somewhat of a cult film in the future.Twizard Rating: 79

Adam G (kr) wrote: The performances by the cast made it seem like they really didn't want to be there, the fight sequences blew chunks, and did I mention how bad the acting sucked?

Gerda K (gb) wrote: I saw this a few days ago - thank you Netflix. Was interested b/c it features three of my favorite men - Alex Cox, Christopher Eccleston, and Eddie Izzard. I loved it, maybe Cox works better when he works with a very coherent script? The soundtrack was superb,and formed a great backdrop to Izzard in the back of the car. Would have loved some more blood and gore though.

Will T (it) wrote: Normally I would of given this movie a 3 star rating because it was very slow, however, Eric Stoltz's full monty....I have to give the perfect score!"

Kyle M (it) wrote: The original's meaning of the concept that started it all was already in the Other Side throughout the whole duration of this weak, melodramatic, squandered finale of the trilogy with some serious business, despite having its moments of small thrills and rare surprises. It's also a haunting one when the "Poltergeist" curse done a toll and made itself known as the forceful trilogy of the classic supernatural thriller finally came to a close. (C+)

Andrey B (br) wrote: The legendary summer blockbuster with perfect direction by Steven Spielberg is the true reminder of how a decent blockbuster should be done.

Laurin D (mx) wrote: Apple Dumpling Gang meets kill bills dyslexic cousin while writing a movie as it is being made... seriously.

Matt K (ru) wrote: Simpler than director/producer Gary Wheeler's earlier film THE LIST, but more assuredly told with solid performances all around. Fun to see the work of old friends here both in front of and behind the camera. A story of a trial that changes the lawyer as much as the defendant.

K S (au) wrote: One of the worst Christmas movies ever! Hated it :(Don't expect a traditional feel-good story here.

Kenneth B (ru) wrote: It's quite a long time since I saw this. As far as martial arts-shoot 'em ups go its fine but don't go looking for anything profound.

Alexis R (mx) wrote: Endless Love (1981) Movie Review!By god...what a disgusting and disturbing movie.The premise is thus: A young (17 year old) boy and a girl (15 year old) are committed in a relationship and just go about it, pretty much. That would sound good in ink and paper, oh wait, it did. The book was better received then both of the movie adaptations that it has received.The acting is below average, the story-line is deluded and the pretentious idea of what it stands for is insulting. Never in my life have I seen a sex-depraved psychopath more than this guy.It does the book an injustice, and as a stand-alone movie, it sucks. It just sucks. I hated this movie. I hated watching every minute of this movie. Save your breath and watch an actual romantic movie.1 out of 10. (.5 stars)

Craig F (it) wrote: Alternates between really strange and really funny. It's nicely cast but they deserve a better story.

Hayden G (gb) wrote: Has flashes of Scorcese, but with more sincerity.

Alex M (kr) wrote: This isn't a biopic about Marilyn Monroe's whole life; instead, it mainly focuses on the time she filmed the movie The Prince And The Showgirl with Laurence Olivier. However, Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh make it look like as if Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Olivier have been resurrected from the dead, as both of them capture their mannerisms perfectly. Eddie Redmayne is also great as Colin Clark, the production assistant who befriends Marilyn Monroe and whose book formed the basis for this film, and so is Judi Dench as Sybil Thorndike, a legendary British stage actress who costars with Monroe and The Prince And The Showgirl and protects her during her clashes with Olivier. It's a must-watch for any Marilyn Monroe fan, and is full proof that Michelle Williams has had one of the best post-Dawson's Creek careers of any of her castmates from that show, as this film resulted in her third Oscar nomination. 9/10.

Dave P (gb) wrote: I saw this as a kid and was absolutely enthralled. Time hasn't been kind to it: the dialogue's clunky and the direction's a bit lacking but there are still a couple of scenes which grab and the premise is smashing.