Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot to Handle

Chris Hunter is a sly newsreel reporter. While in Shanghai doing reports on the Chinese-Japanese war, he meets pilot Alma Harding. At first she doesn't trust him, but by a trick he manages to get her hired as his assistant. During an adventurous expedition through the jungles of South America he manages to change her view of him.

Two rival newsreel photographers join forces to find the an aviatrix's missing brother, who has disappeared in the Amazonian Rain Forest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael D (us) wrote: I loved the animated (watercolor) stories. I knew what was going to happen in the story before it did, but I wasn't sure what the big reveal was going to be exactly. I thought that Liam Neeson did a good job as the monster. Sigourney Weaver was great as usual. I loved the animated stories.

Call i (de) wrote: A very non interesting movie. Sad since the subject could have been made into so much more. The acting was so and so and you never really get to fell a vibe from any of them. So not recommended at all.

Lee M (it) wrote: The ending lacks the haunting ambiguity it presumably intended, and while kudos must be given for the filmmakers' attempts to create something more thoughtful than the usual Saw-inspired torture porn, with very limited means, sadly Iron Doors just lacks the edge to pull it all off satisfactorily.

Chris D (us) wrote: came out about the same time as twister.

Liam M (nl) wrote: such a cheesy movie, but good cheesy. Watch it with an arachniphobe and it's very funny and entertaining.

Scott C (es) wrote: I seem to remember this being the first Hollywood release of the 90s. I also remember my Dad hated it.

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monsieur r (au) wrote: The photo shots here shown in the RT movie info page is outrageously NOT from the film. Does RT care anything abut accuracy? Apparently not.That said this is a somewhat tedious and therefore slow moving account of a secretly lonely middle aged secretary on a personal tour of Venice Italy. She gets swept up in the romance of the visit and by the way you get to see lots of great views of Venice the city. David Lean (also of so many classics like Lawrence of Arabia) directed this one and Kate Hepburn (alas NOT Audrey Hepburn) plays the usual aged independent woman but secretly needing a man. She stumbles on the lead none other than Rossini Brazzi a well known Italian actor of the day.It takes a third of the film to get into their relationship made difficult that he is married and she is not. But he is quite the charmer as is ever Italian man seen in this film. She has plenty of encounters on the streets and canals of Venice to forewarn her of these wolf Italian men but nevertheless falls for this guy.A muture romantic relationship ensues and its quite charming. The film is difficult to find on the Amazon firestick using Exodus as some other modern Italian film keeps popping up in its place.This film is SO late fifties but the cinematography is excellent.

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Carlos I (nl) wrote: Saw it for cheap, so I finally pulled the trigger. Still holds up. ahh Tony Scott... how I will miss your fuzzy, soap opera looking action movies... they were such comfort food.

Tim D (nl) wrote: Van Damme's and John Woo's Best film ever one of my favorite action movies you need to get the International version if you can its the most definitive version of this film.