Too Late to Say Goodbye

Too Late to Say Goodbye

Jenn Corbin seems to have it all; the perfect husband, children and life. But when this suburban wife and mother in an upscale Atlanta suburb, commits suicide, authorities discover a marriage of secrets and betrayal. While the investigation seems to be leading to the final conclusion that her death was a suicide, bits and pieces of the couple’s lives come to the surface. These discoveries soon convey that looks can be deceiving and people are not necessarily what they appear to be!

Bart Corbin's wife Jenn dies in their home, apparently suicide, as the police believes. While he moves in with young sons Taylor and Trevor at brother Bobby's, her sister Heather starts a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben W (us) wrote: a great, influential documentary about the crisis in Darfur

Sunny W (es) wrote: hilarious and well done

Ryan J (kr) wrote: she never gets where she thought she wanted to go hahaha

Melody M (nl) wrote: Pathetic. Kinda funny and a bit touching in a few places, but generally just very dumb. It probably didn't help that I watched it with the dialogue and action not matched up, however.

Aodhan R (kr) wrote: In 1973, in his post-Godfather movie, Al Pacino carries a badge as police detective Frank Serpico, of the New York Police Department. The story centres around the life of Serpico from his time in the police department, in the B.C.I to his much larger and active involvement in the Seventh Division. It also focuses heavily on how affected he is by police corruption and the strain it puts on him and his relationship with his girlfriend. Pacino delivers a splendid performance as always, and his portrayal of Serpico arouses a lot of questions as he is a unique and strange character, rarely seen in anything else. Despite an undoubtedly good performance from Pacino, 'Serpico' goes down the road of clichs when there's hardly any interesting characters to approve of, due to an excessive lacking of character development. Most of the characters are just there to act hostile towards Serpico himself, whom is a very strange cop, who acts against police corruption and the assaulting of criminals within the department. I guess that's a decent way to put it (who would disagree?), but it becomes clichd and boring, and the only real attention is the fine peformance of Pacino - and even the story becomes a bit confusing to follow, due to all of this, but it's a fact-based movie about 'A man's story within the New York Police Department.' It's not the worst, but near enough one of the best.

Dave J (us) wrote: Thursday, January 3, 2013 (2012) 6 Bullets ACTION Credited as a star and executive producer, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Samson Gau, an ex- mercenary but now as a hired frelancer to save specific children from the black market, which after successfully saving one at the beginning completley forgot about others resulting in for an early retirement because of a guilty conscience. But when a American MMA fighter comes to Romania with his family, his daughter then gets kidnapped and the US Embassy refers them to him, only to be scarred by the previous incident who eventually comes back. As forementioned, this is a decent JCVD flick even though they're some plot holes, I as a viewer want the good guys to win. 3 out of 4

Neil C (gb) wrote: Me seeing this film.