too perfect

too perfect

The bell has just rung! School is over. It’s a beautiful day. It’s the last day of school. It’s the first day of summer vacation! Five boys are at the end of an era. It’s all “too perfect”. Unbeknownst to all of them, this will be the last day of their innocence..

Too Perfect explores the power and depth of the moment before a big change happens...the kind of change that forever marks your heart and soul and gently nudges you straight into adulthood.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy G (nl) wrote: Gut is a bad horror movie about two guys obsessed with the videos about cutting up stomach and acting out what they see. D+

Steve S (kr) wrote: what can i say? this movie is as stupid as the title. a group of soldiers get pinned down by a bunch of sand worms. they battle these worms and the taliban trying to get home. the story is predictable and the acting is horrible, to go along with the shoddy special effects, which are a bit funny at times.

Donnie B (kr) wrote: This film is a missed opportunity, but Gerard Butler and Tom Hardy are sexy and firery.

Lateef R (us) wrote: Kind of morose and melodramatic. A 98 minute say no to drugs commercial.

Sangeeta M (it) wrote: Best gritty Indian film ever. Classic!

Seamus C (ca) wrote: Julian sands 'so bad he is so good' acting always a winner with me.

Niloo R (ca) wrote: a really interesting exploration of a diverse and thoroughly underrated subculture. i was so often surprised to find that women that not only looked like women, but looked like extremely beautiful women, were actually transgender. it was kind of tragic in its own way, to see how close they were to what they wanted, and yet unable to ever attain it. the only thing i'd say could have been better, was the rather hectic editing style.

Ken S (ag) wrote: If your really into the 60s psychedelia stuff, this is for you. If you are more into reality of the 60s like me, this is a big skip. It is interesting for its time period and worth a look, but definitely goes nowhere.

Olly H (ru) wrote: guter vertreter des film noir

Paul D (it) wrote: A fairly average western in the main, but a below average one in terms of Randolph Scott's filmography.

Aj V (kr) wrote: Who wouldn't want to see a film noir called Murder, My Sweet? That just sounds so cool. It really is a good movie, a bit confusing at first, but good in the end. If you like film noir, you'll like this movie.

Sarah D (us) wrote: Anthony Quinn and Maureen O'Hara are fabulous! Boys liked this as much as the Sea Hawk :)

Kyal B (br) wrote: Surprised by the love for this one. At no point to me does it even feel like a James Bond movie

Brian P (mx) wrote: was a different role for Clint with an interesting ending.