Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats

Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats


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Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats torrent reviews

Aaron S (it) wrote: Do they Live Die and Repeat like Edge of Tomorrow?

Ashley A (au) wrote: like the wit of the movie. It 's a young transitional woman having a really tough day facing reality, but then how can it turn out bad if Jesse Eisenberg has and interest in her?

Brad S (mx) wrote: Perhaps it's fitting a that I finally watched this Masterpiece on Canada Day as it may be the finest Canadian film I have ever seen. It was nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language film in 2011, and deservedly so, and likely would've won had it not been for another film that was my favourite of that year, "In a Better World". Denis Villeneuve does a masterful job with his direction and storytelling here, and his work of the last few years proves that he is probably the most talented Canadian director working today. I didn't know a lot about the story going in, and that is the best way to see it. My highest recommendation!

Giorgos V (kr) wrote: Paidiki tainia apla einai malakia

Private U (de) wrote: Robert B. Parker writes both the Spenser and Jesse Stone novels. I've not read any of the books, but these movies have a certain charm. If, like me, you have fond memories of Tom Selleck, you'll enjoy them.

My B (kr) wrote: seen the remake, so i wanna see this one 2. I bet it's better than the american one

Anders A (kr) wrote: Bill Murray playing Bill Murray, hehe. Sad, isolated, weird, yes it cannot be anyone else than Bill. His much-younger girlfriend leaves him, and suddenly he is chasing down a mystic letter, in search for his (maybe) son, as the son (maybe) chasing him. Mysterious, slightly funny and Jarmusch-trademarked.

Sam H (us) wrote: Alright the first time around, but it got really old, really fast.

Vacationer U (fr) wrote: some scenes superb but some quite boring

Kieran T (es) wrote: i swear i've reviewed this before but anyway, was clearly a made for tv movie, had some cool stuff with the film within a film aspects, good cast, average Beresford film

Kristina K (mx) wrote: Say what you want, I had fun watching this.

Dan H (br) wrote: It's more silly and exaggerated than anything else, but it still makes for an entertaining watch.

Diandra R (ru) wrote: See for the spectacle.

Joe B (kr) wrote: Clever and original heist movie that just goes to show how under appreciated Clive Owen is. Entertaining from start to finish.