Top Gear

Top Gear


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:50 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Top Gear 1972 full movies, Top Gear torrents movie

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Top Gear torrent reviews

Dave H (ca) wrote: An excellent lesson in basic economics and political history, taught with a wry sense of humor. Very informative and entertaining, Should be required viewing for every socialist/democrat. Maybe it can help cure their ignorance.

Robert B (de) wrote: Martha Marcy May Marlene starts better than it ends. Elizabeth Olson plays a sympathetic lead in an intense role. One expects there to be some kind of character development, some payoff for the emotional investment in the main character that the film builds up. Unfortunately, plotwise, the film devolves into a vehicle for cheap thrills and goes nowhere. One wishes it would have been more, but for what it is, it is still worth a view. Recommended to those interested in social dynamics and what life is like for people caught up in cults.

Benson S (nl) wrote: Italian Neo-Realism coming out of Queens! Excellent film. See it.A classic case of: No Production Budget = Excellent Film It's a pretty basic story of friendship and loyalty. The acting and production were minimalist, and this approach worked well.A 'desperate for work,' forth-generation Italian American, living inQueens, befriends a Mexican day laborer(jornalero). It portrays the difficulties of everyday life for illegal workers in thiscountry. I wish this film had more exposure and wider distribution. It seems like it was filmed on a cheap digital cam-corder, but this does not detract from the film, and might actually add something to its gritty realism.

Casey R (de) wrote: I was expecting a lot more action, but I mostly got ambiguous and meaningless scenes in an altogether pretty uneventful film. The only good things I liked about it that made me give it 3 stars was the good acting and beauty of some of the shots. Cool idea, but it kinda went nowhere for me...

taylor V (au) wrote: its gotta be entertaining just read the title

Jamie C (ru) wrote: I felt kind of let down after hearing all the praise from this film but in the end it felt kind of average, Tom and Jamie put in a great performance as they always do but it just seemed to start slow and never really picked up as much as it should of and when it did pick up it was nothing spectacular, An ok film but a missed opportunity.

Eddie K (mx) wrote: trodde det var en B- film frst men var bttre n jag trodde, hnder saker nstan hela tiden. Lite nytnkande ,drav min rating :P

Matthew J (es) wrote: Screw Loose is a consistently tired comedy which consists of a one single joke. But Mel Brooks is funny and Ezio Greggio is not bad.

Lolocool02hotmailcom L (us) wrote: ?????? ????? ???? ????? ??? ????

Mandy Z (gb) wrote: A laugh riot! Possibly my new favorite Troma film.

D M (kr) wrote: The Warlock returns this time to collect 6 runestones in order to bring about the end of days. A group of secret druids use magic to stop the evil plans. Filmed well, using many classic Hollywood-tropes and decent acting with over-the-top gore. The same comedic tone as its predecessor. Nice bonus with a Nuclear Assault song closing out the film.

Alexander W (kr) wrote: I am a Shaw Brothers-fan since years and own many of their newly remastered films on DVD.The most are from the 70s and the story is often thin, the fight scenes are sometimes unspectacular, but THIS one beats them all.Likable, heroic characters played by Ti Lung (the badass) and Li Ching (both kick asses, also the woman), a stranger, a Clint Eastwood-esque guy played by David Chiang, the plot twists and shots of blood spurting, dying enemies in slow-motion make this movie so great."Have Sword, Will Travel" is one of the first (1969) and one of the best Wuxia Eastern films ever.Wuxia is the combination of heroic characters, warriors, a beautiful landscape (set), an adventurous story with flying (wirework), jumping (trampoline) characters (like "Hero", "House of flying Daggers", "Grouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon") and many artistic scenes / shots in slow-motion.The characters and sets in this movie are great, overall it's amazing, especially the bloody and totally unexpected finale in the pagoda, this is chinese cinema at it's best! Many of the best Martial Arts films were made in the 60s, back then they used gallons and gallons of fake blood and turned the brutal killings of many many enemies into art.The fight scenes are very well made, brutal and gory and not cheesy at all (like in the late 70s).I will not post any spoilers here (regarding the story) because fans of Martial Arts films and the Shaw Brothers should check this out.A Shaw Bros Wuxia masterpiece, a definite must see! (10/10)

Dave H (jp) wrote: Elvis was an average actor at best.

Dyron W (de) wrote: Sharp, funny and a boasting notable original soundtrack, Black Dynamite is both the perfect love letter to blaxploitation films and one of the best cult comedies of all time