An honest and naive schoolteacher gets a lesson in how the world works outside the classroom, when a rich Baron and his mistress use the teacher's name and outstanding reputation in a crooked business scheme.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1933
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Alex F (kr) wrote: Entertaining and fun.

Danny S (jp) wrote: Alamar is so simple but at the same time so complex. It shows the bond between father and son through three generations and also the idea of technology vs nature. Rubio makes everything cinematic and awe inspiring. All of its emotions come from the camera and contact not the dialogue.

Tory L (nl) wrote: i like ninja movies.

Teddy L (ag) wrote: A good look at the black metal scene in Norway during the church burnings of the 1990s. Has interviews with people from Immortal, Burzum, Dark Throne, Mayhem and more. The major problem with the film is the amount of B roll used is RIDICULOUS. There were so many minutes wasted on filler and not enough time with the band mates. This documentary probably could have been shortened by 30-40 minutes if the filler had been drastically cut.

Zane E (us) wrote: Wow. Fail. This is just a stupid premise for a movie. It would make sense if they were trying to keep a pure bloodline for a rich family or something, but they were in the middle of fucking nowhere! I have no idea what made them think this was a good idea.

Pete S (au) wrote: Happy ending and all, this was well done. The cast, Morris Chestnut, Taraij P. Henson, and Jenifer Lewis rocked. Powerful betrayal of a marriage.

Dylan G (jp) wrote: The weakest one in the franchise, but still occasionally funny! B-

Adrian F (jp) wrote: Pretty damn good for a dress rehearsal for a road movie.

Marc G (jp) wrote: Looking at this as a whole it suffers because of the stinker in the middle.

Marshall O (ru) wrote: ok, worth a few laughs

CaSi N (kr) wrote: One of the better jailhouse shows...

Adam F (au) wrote: Two good murder scenes, albinos and creepy artwork carry the day on this one. Worth seeing. Given a half star for general obscurity and having an actress named Joy Bang as one of its stars.

Vincent W (br) wrote: An interesting take on how to survive an apocalypse via psychological discussion. Rhys Wakefield is so absurdly hot that it skews my judgment of the film but there is definitely enough eye candy for the average love-hungry young adult. It's an interesting flick but definitely not a timeless classic.

Bradley J (mx) wrote: So vivid. So necessary. So powerful is Schindler's List it may be the most important film for every human to watch. And yet the film's brutal atmosphere may make it difficult to some to handle. This film is an experience. It puts the audience through the emotional wringer. It engulfs you with its accurate depiction of the Holocaust that the audience can't help but feel thankful for the lives that we live today. Steven Spielberg masterfully directs the film which is a sprawling three hours, but not a minute is wasted. The film is wholly involving depicting the terror and even occasional dark humor of the period, although laughing in a movie like this seems highly wrong. The film wraps itself up with some potently emotional scenes that highlight Liam Neeson's fantastic acting and a tribute to the man responsible for saving so many. Schindler's List is not easy cinema in the least, but it is masterful and very vital for those to view and remember a past that we'd be lucky never to experience. Rating: 95