Topper Returns

Topper Returns

Topper is once again tormented by a fun-loving spirit. This time, it's Gail Richards, who was accidentally murdered while vacationing at the home of her wealthy friend, Ann Carrington (Landis), the intended victim. With Topper's help, Gail sets out to find her killer with the expected zany results.

A sassy girl finds herself dead after trading bedrooms with her heiress friend. Her ghost seeks aid from banker Cosmo Topper to find out why and by whom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan M (ag) wrote: Your all crazy ! This was an excellent zombie movie and what makes it even better is this is a different zombie movie(A Must Watch)

Simon G (es) wrote: An interesting little dark comedy about the consequences of actions with some surprising twists and turns with some unexpected social/political subtext.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Not a terrible movie by any means, but though it doesn't measure up to the director's later Taste of Tea and Funky Forest it shows the roadway to those movies being paved. A tremendous talent that improved once he took the crime elements out of his films and just had fun with quirky yet emotional stories.

Jaclyn L (kr) wrote: I don't really remember this, but I think it was okay.

Jonathan G (ca) wrote: Still a great film after all these years. I'm not sure why people complain about the purpose of this film - like all of his films it's primarily about the possibility of redemption; the final scene with the jaded cop in which Bill rejects his lifestyle (which is not a lifestyle, but a "knowledge") makes this crystal clear.

ronald w (nl) wrote: i saw this movie on cable because kathy bates was in it and it was good!

Russ C (nl) wrote: Despite the movie's stupidity and kinda look bad after all these years growing up, i like this movie and still enjoy them.

Amie (kr) wrote: thought the movie was awsome so did all of my family


Brandon F (nl) wrote: Wow, I'm the only one on Flixster to review this?The interviews are really good, but some of the "metaphysical explorations" get a little too artsy for me, and I'm not really sure what to take away from the final product.

Timothy H (it) wrote: Hammer Films, produced some of the best old school horror movies.

Steve M (br) wrote: Webb and Sampson (O'Brien and Crawford), a pair of rougish attorneys, set their sights on improving the bidding process in state-funded road construction... for the good of democracy, the people, and the $100,000 fee they will collect if their efforts are successful. However, a corrupt political boss (Arnold) doesn't want to see his power weakened, and the pair are soon subjected to threats. The ante is upped big time when Webb is framed for two different murders. "Slightly Honorable" is a comedy/mystery that features a snappy script that manages to keep just the right balance of humor and drama as it unfolds with a lightning pace. It runs by so fast that the viewer almost doesn't have time to realize that the mystery part of the movie is rather poorly done, even if viewed as a spoof. However, the comedy side of things is so good that this hardly even matters anyway. Highlights of the film is the snappy dialogue that sees the stars O'Brien, Crawford, and Terry talking a mile a minute and delivering joke after joke, and the performance by Terry as "Puss", a bubbleheaded young nightclub dancer who developes a crush on Webb and lets us see that in some respects, he is more than just [i]slighly[/i] honorable. "Slightly Honorable" is another one of those movies that doesn't deserve the obscurity that history has relegated it to. Although the film sort of falls apart at the end--not only do the filmmakers do a rather hamfisted job of letting the audience in on who's framing Webb, but the motivations of some of the characters that come to light are groan-inducing--it is mostly a fun, well-executed tale. It reminded me of many of Will Eisner's "The Spirit" tales, both in pacing and execution. Webb, Sampson, the young dancer, and the corrupt officials all are just like some of Eisner's characters (For those of you familiar with "The Spirit" know that I am paying this movie a high compliment with that comparison.) (Speaking of obscurity, Ruth Terry is a gorgeous, energetic actress whose movie career never quite seemed to take off, and by the early 1960s, she had retired. I wonder what happened; she was both cute and funny, and she seemed to have a lot more talent than actresses that kept getting starring roles.) Slightly Honorable Starring: Pat O'Brien, Broderick Crawford, Ruth Terry, Edward Arnold, Claire Dodd, and Eve Arden Director: Tay Garnett

Juli N (mx) wrote: Rattled my nerves with tension so thick you could slice it with a knife!