Tora! Tora! Tora!

Tora! Tora! Tora!

In the summer of 1941, the United States and Japan seem on the brink of war after constant embargos and failed diplomacy come to no end. "Tora! Tora! Tora!", named after the code words use by the lead Japanese pilot to indicate they had surprised the Americans, covers the days leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor, which plunged America into the Second World War.

The film retells of the Pearl Harbor attack details everything in the days that led up to that tragic moment in American history as well as the series of American blunders that allowed it to happen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Champ S (jp) wrote: Great film with very interesting characters, full of imagination. The third act is much better than many other films of this type. The story might be a little complicated and convoluted.

Neil A (es) wrote: Quite unnerving for a 'found footage' film.

Srinavin K (it) wrote: an authentic plot, a movie based on the novel "red tea" , cast, dialogues, visuals, art are of world cinema standards , receiving performances from actors is a cake walk for bala so no need to brief , there is a difference i figured out from the previous bala films , the plot goes with a flow breaking all the old cliches , everything blends well, some areas are bit draggy, the cuts would have made a difference there. music big let down, Raja's music would have justified and given more grip to the script. the biggest disappointment is nothing but the sad feeling which everyone gets after watching his movies.overall i call it a cult classic , well a documentary in a painted manner

Andy M (jp) wrote: About time that this got a DVD release in Feb 2011

Jamie C (us) wrote: Boring, Need I say anymore?

Myron S (it) wrote: Did not like very well. In fact I walked out have done that in a movie for a very long time. The only thing that stud out was the characters. They were very detailed in how they looked for CGI.

Jesse F (ca) wrote: oh, baby. despite many of the comments below, i think this is the best women in prison genre movie i've seen so far. pam grier looks AMAZING from start to finish and margaret markov isn't half bad, either. this movie contains so many elements of exploitation i cannot list them all. after that chain was strapped on pam and margaret it's hell on wheels. the ending was a bit disappointing, but overall this movie is a gem! PS. SID HAIG!

ray r (au) wrote: I think the rating this movie has is far too high. To me it was a average movie and a bit stupid at times. The detectives wife for example is a complete retard. I think she is put in their for comic relief but she seems like a total simpleton and what husband wouldnt just tell his wife to stop cooking weird shit. Oh God that annoying. Actually mthe movie makes the Brits seem like a race of simpletons. Its like a caricature of the Brits. I thought it was a ok movie, nothing special.

Paul D (au) wrote: Allied propaganda film through and through, but as ever the production values at top notch and the story eminently watchable. Charles Laughton bumbles his way through the first part as his character is established and isn't dominant in screen time, he comes into his own with his inspirational speech at the close.

Jordan T (de) wrote: Absolutely hysterical! I loved every minute of it! If you travel (or even if you don't!) you HAVE to see this movie.