The life of the famed Mexican bullfighter Luis Procuna, from his boyhood through his training and the triumphs that followed as Procuna rose to the peak of his profession.

The life of the famed Mexican bullfighter Luis Procuna, from his boyhood through his training and the triumphs that followed as Procuna rose to the peak of his profession. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manisha G (ru) wrote: Phenomenal performance by Rajeev Khandelwal! Review in one word: Kudos!

Amanda N (es) wrote: Clunky and off-kilter.

Catherine R (ag) wrote: Hola George Romero, big fan.

Michele A (gb) wrote: Too slow and not enough depth... Especially the characters

Elias H (it) wrote: Wish this movie was more long and funny otherwise the plot was good and Rowan Atkinston had a good portrayal as Johnny English. Still funny, but needs more comedy and a better runtime.

Michael R (ru) wrote: This is one of my all time favorites. Yes, the film is somewhat 'dated' in the sense that it was filmed in 1991 and took place in 1999. But that only focuses one's attention where it should be: on the characters and the head trippy ideas, not the "what happens in the future?" gimmickry. Riveting, shocking, and for the true filmlover, the film will stay with you for a long time.

Robby R (nl) wrote: Follows the usual biopic route therefore falls into the usual trappings by not having any real structure just stuffing it all in to see what sticks.

Sehar M (jp) wrote: Its a classic. Interesting, gripping and original. The ending is somewhat like Romio and Juliet but all in all its a wonderful touching lovestory comlimented by great music.

James C (br) wrote: Sophia Loren delights in this period romantic comedy of a banished princess who after scandalous adventures gets accepted back to court to marry a prince after falling for American millionaire John Gavin. Gavin is so handsome and awkward and wooden in this film that he reminded me of Mitt Romney. Loren is delicious at there is ample support from Maurice Chevalier and Isable Jeans as her parents. Angela Lansbury is also great in another of her stock evil bitch roles. Exteriors are beautifully photographed in Vienna.

Paul D (fr) wrote: This attempt to glorify on film the work of a special unit in the Pacific has good intentions, but it does get bogged down in the politics and intimite depictions on the platoon workings giving it a disjointed feel as a picture or documentary drama. John Wayne doesn't really shine and there is a lot of US propaganda to sift through.

Carlos I (it) wrote: Solid sequel. A more dumbed down version of the first, but lots of fun. A good close to the trilogy.

Christopher B (it) wrote: How alternative sports can be both mental and mind games - if you can see past the biceps and pecs.

Ryan C (kr) wrote: Not the worst film ever but it's not great

Steve G (kr) wrote: "Under Siege" is a classic 1990's action due to its intense climax, great acting and lack of computer generated images. The plot to "Under Siege" is the captains' birthday awaits and everything is planned. On the evening a group of terrorist take over and it's up to one chef/former "S.E.A.L." named "Casey Ryback" portrayed by "Steven Seagal" to stop the terrorists. The movie opens with a classic introduction to "Casey" which is him talking to his friends. The scene shows that "Casey" is a nice person, which makes the audience care for him. The action-sequences in this movie are intense and exciting. The action sequences that show "Casey" and "Jordan Tate" portrayed by "Erika Eleniak" together are splendid they show their relationship grow and develop. The movie's climax certainly lives up to the suspense mixed with the amazing cinematography by "Frank Tidy". This is the first time seeing "Steven Seagal" in an action movie, honestly as a film critic his performance blew everyone away, it was terrific. "Gary Chang" creates music for drama/action and even rock and roll. "Gary Chang" does a swell job due to being able to change the emotion correctly in his music. By far the best thing about the movie is the cinematography "Frank Tidy" both an experienced and talented man films "Under Siege" with darkness and excitement. If you are a person who enjoys "Steven Seagal's" action movies then I highly recommend you watch "Under Siege" as it has splendid performances, amazing filming and a superb film score. This movie doesn't have too many flaws; to list them would be nitpicking. Although the movie does have some parts of it that could improve slightly, the movie's script is most likely the biggest issue but once again small details. I give 1992's "Under Siege" an 8.5/10.