Torn Apart

Torn Apart

The story of a love relationship between a brother and sister and an eventual breakup that will forever change their lives.

The story of a love relationship between a brother and sister and an eventual breakup that will forever change their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derek J (ag) wrote: +1 original story on dangers of the internet, +1 casting gao yuanyuan, yao chen, may wang and zhang yi lol (; +1 introducing modernity to a film. -.5 far too verbose, too much dialogue, -1 for NO ENGLISH SUBS not viewer friendly ):<

Dena S (nl) wrote: i dont know didnt even watch it out, it just felt like i could have filmed the same thing with my friends. nothing special..

Chhavi S (ag) wrote: VILLAGERVISIONARYWINNER"There was Gandhi. There was Nehru and then there was GURUKANT DESAI...!

William G (br) wrote: this is a great movie

Mimi D (ca) wrote: When you hear someone say "angels", what are your first thoughts? One would probably think of angelic creatures with halos on top of their heads and big beautiful wings. Many of us also have a belief that everyone has a guardian angel that looks over us and that we can only see or dream of our own angel. This particular movie does not demonstrate these beliefs . The angels in this film are dressed like the normal people around them. Only the children who believe in them and the people who like them can see the angels, or feel the angel's presence. There is a message behind this movie, but it is difficult to comprehend. It is also difficult to keep up with what is going on, and what the director is trying to portray because of the movie's subtitles. There are three major characters in the film, two of them are angels. In the film, God feels that his creations are unappreciated by humans, therefore, he sends his angels to witness his creations. Damiel is one of the angels that have been around for centuries. He roams the streets of Berlin sometimes with the company of his fellow angel, Cassiel. These angels stand on tall statues and buildings reading the thoughts of people who pass by. They also comfort people who are dealing with hardships in their lives. The title of this film, "Wings of Desire", can directly describe Damiel's feelings towards Marion. Marion is a trapeze artist who performs every night for a financially struggling circus. Damiel can read her thoughts about how she is afraid she is going to fall one night because of her superstitions of the full moon. Damiel fell in love with Marion. He shares with Cassiel about his thoughts. He questions Cassiel, he wonders what it is like to feel, to taste, or simply to fall in love. Damiel feels as if his life has no purpose, he wanted to be seen, to be like the living human beings around him. The poem in this movie suggests Damiel's thoughts. The poem mentions a child who does not know who it is, who has no opinion, no habits. The child also asks itself, what am I? Why am I the person I am? Why am I not you? how did I come to be? These questions are also asked by Damiel. In my opinion, this movie would have been better if there was a translator instead of subtitles. It was hard to comprehend what the storyteller was saying and what was actually going on in the movie. Especially when the scene completely changes from modern time to World War II. There were many great messages that I noticed from the movie. One of them is how if you want something bad enough and you go after it, you would eventually achieve it. Damiel wanted to feel and fall in love with a beautiful woman named Marion, he strived to become human and made it possible. Another message I can pick out of this is that love is strong and it can break any walls or obstacles that comes in between it. One great thing that made me enjoy this movie is how the majority of the movie was in black and white, but then the colors started showing up after Damiel became human. To me the black and white represented death and the colors represented life. To others the black and white is simply means that the angels could not see in colors, and so when Damiel became human, he can see colors. Over all I enjoyed this movie, I would recommend watching the movie first and then read about it online to understand it more in details.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Quite possibly the best Napoleonic movie ever made--Absorbing and accurate, exquisite for its focus alone!!

cli o (de) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Francisco R (ca) wrote: I hated this movie a lot, it's stupid, boring, predictable and lame. Eveything is awful about this movie and I'm surprised about the 6.1 on IMDb and I'm also surprised about the fact that the other Alfie from 1966 has a 7.1 on IMDb, I didn't knew that another movie with the same plot would work, because this movie is not just one of the worst romantic comedies I have ever seen, it's one of the worst movies I have ever seen and I'm surprisingly one of the few people who didn't like it, because, if you didn't like it, just let me tell you a stupid thing, Alfie is not on IMDb's worste movies list. Not recommmended for anybody, I man, I recommend it to who likes the get bored for more than one and a half hour.Charles Shyer is the guy who directs this movie, I don't even know him, but if he eve directs a new movie, I won't be interested in it. Jude Law is an actor that I usually like to see in certain movies, but in this movie, I hated his charactr and perfomance, this is defenitly the worst movie of his entire career, Jude is known from Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shaddows, Hugo, Closer and some other movies. Marisa Tomei is one of my favorite actresses but this is easily the worst movie that she ever participated, a real waste of talent, but look, whathever, Marisa is known from my 6th favorite movie, wich is Crazy, Stupid, Love, she is also known from Cyrus, Anger Management, The Wrestler, The Lincon Lawyer and some other movies. Nia Long is just an acceptable actress and she keeps that way here, no big deal, well, it was hard to be a big deal, each actress in this movie appears on the screen for ten minutes or less, but I say it again, whathever, Nia is known from Big Momma's House, Big Momma's House 2 and some other titles. Jane Krakowski is a funny and good actress but you can't judge or comment an actress's perfomance by watching 5 minutes of her acting in a movie, I say it again, whathever, Jane is known from one of my favorite TV shows, wich is 30 Rock, she is also known from Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant, Surf's Up, Open Season, open Season 2 and some other movies. Sienna Miller is like the other ones but she still has a bit of talent here, she should probably kepd it for a better movie than this crap, say it again, whathever, Sienna is known from G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, Stardust, Camille and some other movies. Susan Sarandon completes the main cast, she is very good actress but she sucks here, I mean she is a great actress, she had an awful character, wich in my opinion, turned into a bad perfomance, but she still has talent and she's not affraid to use it and who cares, she's not amazing on one of the worste movies ever made, that doesn't matter, Susan is known from The Lovely Bones, Thelma & Louise, Enchanted, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Solitary Man and some other movies. Sow, as you can see, this movie does have an amazing cast, but I basicly hated everybody here, none of the characters were enjoyable or credible, exept Sienna's, I think that she was the only actress in this movie who had an okay character and a mature perfomance. Overall, this movie has great actors in it, but most of them had bad characters, wich in my opinion, turned into bad perfomances.Alfie (Jude Law) is a Brittish womanizer who lurns the danger of his acts in a bad way. Sow, as you can see, this plot sucks to much to be truth, it's a total cliche, and the best part of it is the ending, wich was amazing in my opinion, Alfie did end up to be alone, that was a smart thing, because in the usual rom-coms, if you are a guy who seems that dates a diferent woman everyday and you treat her bad and you don't want to be attched to her, you just want to..., but theb, at the ending, you just have to get a girl, or should I say, get the girl, that was the only, really the only tiny thing that I enjoyed about the plot, because the rest... sucks.Soundtrack, well, the soundtrack was no big deal, Mick Jagger did it, but he didn't make any themes for the movie or something like that, he did composed some okay songs, but two things are obvious, I don't want to hear the songs ever again because I will probably remember this movie and the other thing is that this soundtrack compared to any other Zimmer's soundtrack is just...Besides all that, I am now going to tell you what I really thought about this movie. First of all, I honestly didn't know that I was about to watch one of the worste movies ever made, but I did, and I understood that right in the first ten minutes of the movie, I was bored in everysecond of it since there. Let me tell you what this movie is, this movie is like be standing to a huge storm inside your house in your bedroom and you just get bored watching it, but what's even worse is that the storm is trying to take you way and lieve you in the boredness corner of it, but warning, you got to grab yourself, because you won't like to be taken away. Sow, I don't recommed this movie to anybody, I hated to see Jude (Alfie) talking to the camera like he knew we were watching him in the movie, and that's not a movie by the way, and the girls who liked it just did like it because of that, "Oh, I was able to look at Jude's beautiful eyes for a long time, yes". Bla, bla, bla, I really don't recommend you to watch this, even to my worste enimy, it's really not worth it and in the end you will just think that you've been a half hour sitting on the couch wasting a precious movie time where you could spend watching much better movies than this. Overall, this is one of the worste movies I have ever seen, I didn't like the actors perfomances, the plot is awful and the movie it's not entertaining it all. Awful.Awful movie. Not recommended movie. Grade: D-.

Ethan P (kr) wrote: West Side Story is a film of untamable power. It succeeds not only as an iconic musical, brilliant Shakespeare adaption and violent drama, but it also explores very dark themes. The gritty urban atmosphere is filled with colorful costumes and props that create a dazzling, nostalgic visual. The film drips of raw masculinity and that incredible energy is channeled into the vibrant, athletic sequences of dance and conflict throughout the film. The story is a dark and violent one that focuses teen angst and urban unrest. The music, dancing and choreography in the film is absolutely amazing. The tenacious hoodlums are richly drawn, the rivalry of the Jets and Sharks is iconic and the dialogue is witty and often amusing. The charming old-school romance and the tale of forbidden love is powerful. Every element of the film is brilliantly manifested.One of the most amazing things about this musical is its disturbing exploration of racial discrimination, gender roles, urban unrest and the nature of violence (the kids want violence, but find they are scared of it). There are several chilling moments, but the two that affected me most were when the Sharks leave the candy shop whistling "America the Beautiful" after the prejudice cop verbally tirades them for their race and the terrifying scene near the end where the Jets almost gang rape Anita. Another one of the oddly significant scenes is the "Officer Krupkee" number, where the young Jets are half-joking, half-admitting that they were raised in abusive, unhealthy situations. This film is commonly praised for its eloquence and importance as a musical, but it is so much deeper than the music and dancing. It makes strong statements on the disturbing state of society. Tony is an interesting character because he's the only character that doesn't give in to stereotypes. He believes his power is in Maria, yet even Maria thinks her only significance is how pretty she is. Tony tells the hoodlums they're all the same, but they don't listen. For a music filled with song and dance, West Side Story actually has a lot to say.

Leonardo Malacay S (us) wrote: La historia es muy interesante y resulta entretenida. El juego de descubrir al asesino