• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Turkish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:soldier,   drugs,   kiss,  

Yazi Tura (Toss Up) is the film of two stories taking place in 1999. Stories of two young men... One is "Ridvan the Devil", a young football player from Central Anatolia, Cappadocia / ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Toss-Up torrent reviews

Ahmed B (au) wrote: Became this generation's Love Story

Miuho K (mx) wrote: Couldn't even finish watching it. Terrible actors.

Joel C (us) wrote: A film completely saved by its ending.

Girish C (de) wrote: Experienced goose bumps of admiration once in 15 minutes of the footage. Terrific man and terrific deeds.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Hilariously raunchy movie for those that are fans of American Pie.

Saitou Y (ag) wrote: '500 Days of Summer' starts as a quintessential romantic-comedy movie that toys with cliches, but eventually shatters the conventional romance platitude with it's creatively executed non-linear storytelling, bold and beautiful script, and solid performances from the lead cast. Ultimately, '500 Days of Summer' is one of the most genuine, and most memorable romantic-comedy movies in recent memory.

Profsrikanth P (kr) wrote: classic moovee of prabhas

Emily H (ru) wrote: good if you don't mind churchy and preachy; actresses are great.

Bryan R (fr) wrote: Semi-pornographic psychological drama, with aging Deneuve waiting in the wings. Carax gets personal.

Edgar C (ca) wrote: From the words of Flixster user kiriyamakazou: "Roger Corman and his B-Movie pals make the world a much better place to live." Unapologetically awful, Carnosaur deals with a mentally f#cked genetics scientist that designs a genetically superior chicken and, from there, in a hilariously lame manner, dinosaurs start to be born from chicken eggs. In case this shit wasn't enough, women literally get pregnant and give birth to baby dinosaurs! The creatures are so obvious in their foam structure that you'll endlessly laugh out loud, rolling on the floor so many times that you'll create static electricity. Who needs a Jurassic Park when you have the funniest death scenes ever and special effects so bad that the 1976 version of King Kong suddenly seems like a masterpiece. Pure gold, man, I'm telling you. 13/100

Deb S (us) wrote: Dennis Quaid plays the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis who scandalized the world when he married his 13-year-old cousin Myra (Winona Ryder) and news of his marriage leaked out. The movie is based on how his life (and his wife's life) changed when his music was banned from most radio stations and he was hardly allowed to perform on Television, simply because of the marriage. Energetic performance from Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis makes the movie worth while watching. Alec Baldwin also turns in a good performance as Jerry Lee's cousin, preacher Jimmy Swaggart and young Wynonna Ryder give a convincing performance as his child-bride Myra.

Charlie C (ag) wrote: Here is one from my collection. Late 80's black comedy/horror movie, very fun to watch. Really good actually...

Spencer S (mx) wrote: This is one of John Carpenter's lesser known films, possibly because it's more of a love story than a monster mash. Jeff Bridges plays an alien, who becomes a reincarnated version of Karen Allen's dead husband as a way to manipulate her to help him after he crash lands on Earth. The rest of the film concerns the alien's voyage to a meeting place with his people, with Allen's assistance, with the US government on his trail. The film is very unoriginal in its message: man is harming itself with violence, aliens are peaceful, and the military is violent and wants to hunt down the alien. Besides the impossibly intense action, this film is special for its portrayal of the relationship between Allen and the alien. It's basically heartbreaking, because Allen is a widow who has to see her dead husband and knows immediately that it's not him, but also wants that second chance with him. In that sphere it makes more sense for the alien to be peaceful as he gives her a beautiful gift for her troubles. Very light but not always devoid of action, this may be Carpenter's sweetest film yet.

Joe A (ru) wrote: Awful mess of a sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show finds Brad and Janet (now played by Cliff De Young and Jessica Harper) now a married couple in their hometown of Denton which is run like one giant TV show. Brad becomes institutionalized for emotional issues (never clear if they're stemming from their previous encounters with Frank N Furter) and Janet becomes the subject of a giant reality show (strangely prophetic). Rocky Horror vets Richard O' Brien, Patricia Quinn (again playing brother and sister) and Little Nell also appear but, as new characters. The musical numbers are awful and the film lacks the wit and deviant charm of it's predecessor and is a chore to sit through at only 90 minutes.

Steve R (au) wrote: The original appearance of Godzilla's on/off buddy. Very slow to get started, but the second half gets into gear and makes for a reasonable entry in Toho's kaiju mythology. Probably for completists only.

Ken C (br) wrote: A fictional espionage drama tackles on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the aftermath of the Munich is compelling. Showcase Steven Spielberg as a well rounded director by presenting a more realistic vision, unclouded by the sentimentality in which he used to known.

Leslie D (gb) wrote: Four young adults are searching for Michael Rockefeller, who has been missing in New Guinea since 1961, but the search party become prey for ... Cannibals! Gale Anne Hurd produced this Blair Witch-like Cam-Terror. Won't hurt to give it a watch.

Sylvester K (jp) wrote: A nice little home invasion thriller which doesn't seem realistic at all. I like the dark colour and scary camera angels but it was too predictable and too long, also there are a lot of unnecessary details in the film that the viewers really do not need and made the film really tedious. The characters are really stupid as well, it drives me nuts when they don't do what you would expect normal people to do. Selma Blair made the film bearable.

Will G (gb) wrote: if you know or spent alot of time in cornwall go see this great in jokes and nods to the cornish.

Troy K (de) wrote: The story sucks, but everything else is amazing. If you are able, then watch it in 3D.