Total Denial

Total Denial

Fifteen Karen villagers from the jungles of Burma go up against oil giants UNOCAL and TOTAL in an inspiring David and Goliath story.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Burmese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:burma,   oil,   human rights,  

Fifteen Karen villagers from the jungles of Burma go up against oil giants UNOCAL and TOTAL in an inspiring David and Goliath story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allan H (kr) wrote: Interesting documentary, but full of bullshit in the end. Im like, just do the damn surgery, of course its incisive and there will be blood, thats just how surgeries work. I just dont understand why people are so touchy feely when it comes to cosmetic surgeries, I come from a country where these are as usual as taking your wisdom tooth out. If you know you are weak, then just dont observe the surgery. Go straight to the bed and have the doctor knock you out and you will fix your problem and not feel a thing. Argh, enough with this hipocritical speech that "what matters is only personality". We all know thats not true.

Pampalini L (br) wrote: A pregnant woman's search for her missing husband takes her from London to Kolkata, but everyone she questions denies having ever met her husband.

Rick M (kr) wrote: quite the reality check.

Allen G (de) wrote: Certainly not Moore's best work- an important issue indeed but 'Sicko' doesn't really offer a lot of new insight. Still, it's funny and entertaining enough, and won't disappoint fans of Moore's other works.Moore has often been accused of twisting the facts but in this case he just seems to avoid trying to present any particularly controversial ones at all. Obviously, there is much to dislike about America's healthcare system (though much has also changed since this film's release) but 'Sicko' provides a fairly shallow look at the issues in question. For example, he interviews a bunch of Europeans so that Americans can hear from others how unlucky they are. You can't help but feel like that's a little lazy.Still, I find Moore entertaining and enjoy his stunts, some of which are on show here and this is certainly the kind of topic that one would expect Moore to make a film about. The film isn't as relevant as it once was (heck, certain elements of it were out of date by the time the film even came out) but this isn't one to watch to learn facts. it's really just an entertaining look at the, completely flabbergasting, disparities between different Nation's approaches to healthcare.

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Benjamin M (ca) wrote: titre alternatif: les femmes sont des putes et les hommes assurent

bill s (jp) wrote: A little hollow in it's narrative but touching and thoughtful look at the legend.

Rafael F (it) wrote: A bit slow but so incredible and exciting.

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Eric B (it) wrote: Basically a German counterpart to "Sunset Boulevard," "Veronika Voss" is a portrait of a fading '50s film queen who's out of work, hooked on morphine but still carries herself like a superstar. Her drug problem comes courtesy of a wicked female physician who keeps her addicted, drains her fortune and keeps her emotionally and even physically imprisoned.The story's first half is a little sluggish, mostly establishing Voss's character and her doomed affair with a journalist who has been assigned to write her profile. The plot's real meat -- the clash between the concerned lover and the parasitic doctor -- doesn't truly catch fire until the last 40 minutes or so.The film's washed-out, high-contrast, black-and-white look masterfully simulates the ambience of old Hollywood publicity stills, but it's tiring for the eyes. It also distances us from the characters, who often just seem like additional fixtures of the decor. Another unusual directing choice is the conscious overuse of gimmicky dissolves between scenes -- the wild array of irises and wipes serves to continually point out the cinema's artificial world.I'm trying my best to be converted to the wonders of Fassbinder but, as yet, I haven't found one of his films which truly wows me.

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