Six people find themselves inexplicably transported to a remote cabin that is surrounded by an invisible barrier. In a nearby graveyard, they discover an ancient, carved stone monument that they dub a "totem pole." Soon, they find themselves trapped in a murderous plot by malevolent forces that can control and manipulate their actions with the ultimate goal being to unleash three demonic entities from the monument.

Six people find themselves inexplicably transported to a remote cabin that is surrounded by an invisible barrier. In a nearby graveyard, they discover an ancient, carved stone monument that... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tina C (fr) wrote: I can't decide if this is cute, funny and whimsical or irritating and disturbing. When it focused on the two main characters I liked it a lot. But if I were one of those wives I would not have come back at the end, water or not. So I have mixed feelings about this.

Zachary L (kr) wrote: Coming from writer Kankuro Kudo, responsible for the wacky "Yaji and Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims" leads you to know sort of what this will be like. A high-energy slapstick comedy more akin to a live action anime than an American-style comedy. While some people may not "get" some of the humor or references unless you understand a bit of Japanese culture (ramen noodles, geishas, baseball obsessions, creepy photographers, etc.). The main character borders on being excessively annoying, the overall plot and other supporting characters make up for it. Some funny scenes but not side-splitting, the general feel for the movie was a good one albeit better in the first half than the wrap-up drama ending.

Bruce s (br) wrote: sorry i am not in2 Mr Big from Sex in the City others may like it

Seth Y (ru) wrote: A solid independent film

Ian C (nl) wrote: A truly disturbing documentary. If there is a god, I am certain that, he or she wouldn't want anything to do with these freaky cunts. The poor kids. The fat blonde bitch that runs the camp is a right nasty piece of work.

Chris Q (gb) wrote: As a perfect as a documentary gets

Josh D (us) wrote: Only 5 original cast members returned for 3rd sequel to series.Micheal Gross is the only cast member to be Burt Gummer in all movies and short lived TV series.Also introducing Jodi Chang niece of Walter Chang who named the beast Graboids because the name alone would be a great marketing tool.But unfortunately he was eaten by a graboid during the first infestation of the worms.Walter Chang was played by Victor Wong who also died the same year this film was released.Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward do not appear in this film nor 4 or even 5 which coming out in Oct.Perfection has turned into a tourist trap and Desert Jack takes tourist in a jeep to where his partner fakes graboid attacks until the graboids eat his partner.Also Melvin Plug who survived in original infestation who is now a real estate in hopes to buying the rest out and turning into Reno.Since a certain Graboid is now protected by the government.Again the films are just fun entertainment.

Henrysmovieguide C (mx) wrote: I love this movie even though it is cheesy and kind of bad. But it is action-packed and lovable anyways.

Benjamin J (kr) wrote: Not the Lars Von Trier movie. If you loved the Exorcist then you'll hate this lightweight copy of it. If you hated the Exorcist then you'll probably hate it even more.

Blake P (jp) wrote: A classic pre- code Hollywood film! Lily Powers (Stanwyck) is a trampy, manipulative woman, who sleeps her way to the top. She lies to men, and gets her way, and then pushes them aside, and at one point, it ends in murder and suicide. Then when offered a job in Paris, she falls in love with the handsome manager (Brent) but is afraid. Can she handle it? I watched the Pre- Release version, because I wanted to see the one that was the original-- this is when the Hays Code began to set in, so they were forced to make a version that was nicer to the censors. I wish they hadnt revised it, because the dirty one is so much better. It captures Stanwycks characters trampiness (thats not even a word :)), and she was absolutely wonderful in her role. I consider it in her top five best performances, and this one is even better than the villainous Phyllis in Double Indemnity. Leonard Maltin agreed and gave this movie a great rating. I think Ive proved than Baby Face is a great movie, and anybody whos a fan of the Forbidden Hollywood movies, this one is the best of them all.

Matt C (ag) wrote: This takes a little while to find it's feet, all the 'Great Escape' gags feel a little try-hard and stop the narrative from findings it's own way. Once we get to the second half though with a more traditional Wallace & Gromit setup of a Chicken Pie machine peril and some really funny chase sequences it really takes fly though. Real fun and some great slapstick, my 3 year old absolutely loved it and would happily have watched it again immediately afterwards!

Train M (jp) wrote: /B/ I hadn't watched this movie for about 15 years. It has aged quite well.

William F (us) wrote: Dreamwork's most beautiful work ever.