Toto and Carolina

Toto and Carolina

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Brandon V (br) wrote: "Piranha 3D" without the blood, sex, and nudity. Lame.

Jens S (de) wrote: Probably intended as a brave attempt of countering the horrors of WW2 concentration camps with black humor, this does simply not work on any level. The scenes set in a 1960s sanatorium where the Jewish victims have to cope with their past feel arbitrary, random and leave you entirely confused and uninterested about any of the events. The black and white scenes from the actual concentration camp are slightly better but aren't able to safe this film. Neither does the admittedly decent cast.A movie that celebrates survival by any means could and should have been so much stronger, but this is just dull, preachy and artsy crap that leaves you entirely cold.

John S (jp) wrote: This movie/musical was great. It was funny, thick, and in your face.

Duncan N (fr) wrote: This is literally one of the best movies I've ever seen. Almost every line of the movie is memorable, and every player really seems to get into their character. It's theatrical and kinda goofy.

Nolan V (kr) wrote: So bad it's hillarious

Frances H (au) wrote: Not the best of Disney family films, but entertaining enough to watch once. The usual formula of kid and animal in danger helped by well wishing adults.