Toto and the Women

Toto and the Women

Antonio Scaparro (Toto) is obsessed for women. He invents his own way to hide from them - in the attic of his house.

Antonio Scaparro è ossessionato dalle donne. Pensa che la vita degli uomini sia sempre rovinata da loro e specialmente dal matrimonio. Ha quindi inventato una sua filosofia: "la ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Toto and the Women torrent reviews

Jeremy B (de) wrote: Didn't think it was a bad as most people. I enjoyed it for what it was.

Noah T (ag) wrote: I like wwe so i want to watch it

Ryan G (jp) wrote: The spirit and politics of this film are noble and film's climax is loaded with stunning imagery. Unfortunately, the story was running to stand still like the film's female protagonist - maybe that was the point? Watching this narrative loop reminded me of "A Taste of Cherry" leading me to hypothesize the Iranian film aesthetic is a taste I have yet to acquire.

Alastair K (br) wrote: This film has the most pointless nude scene of all time. Apart from that it has an incompetent boat operator, lots of sharks and a lawsuit written all over it.

Taylor M (jp) wrote: Jennifer Connelly always gives a great performance.

Andrey B (br) wrote: Nicely constructed and shot psychological horror movie, which is a pretty rare occasion. Though the denouement may seem quite banal, the whole process of the movie, including beautiful performances from the whole cast and psychologically tense scary moments is very enthralling.

Corey n (au) wrote: This is a top notch revenge thriller. Jeremy Irons gives us a great performance as a grieving father and as a determine husband to get revenge and understand why his family was killed. The minor roles of Forest Whitaker and Jason Priestley are okay. I have never read the book this was based off but I would recommend this as a watch.

David D (es) wrote: Spoiler Alert:: Go right to the ending. Young girl who blows things up blows a hole in the aqueduct pipe to get water for the water pipe. Now the assumption is that ATF get's involve and she is going to prison. The water gets shut off as the pipe is repaired and the desert dries up again. Lousy ending. Rewind to a missed opportunity. The water that was allocated was redirected for a nearby facility that makes Empire Soda. One of the locals figures out that if you boil the soda down the residue is a volatile explosive. New ending for movie. As EPA and FBI are leaving the little town Ely, the young girl bomber informs them of the bomb capable Coke that is manufactured around the world in third world countries where terrorism is ripe. This gets all of the factories shut down and executives arrested and the water park gets it allocated water back.

ShinyHappyPurple (au) wrote: More like Zzzzzzz -_- Well maybe it IS good but I'm bothered if I don't see it

Lee V (nl) wrote: Classic action comedy. So many quotes, so many great moments.

David F (br) wrote: Sumptuous and restrained period piece on the writing of Peter Pan. Johnny Depp shows he can do subtlety very well indeed.

Jordon J (au) wrote: A very boring piece of junk SKIP IT!!!

Henri J (us) wrote: This film is different from most court room dramas. I can see why some people wouldn't like it, but I did enjoy the film. The first half of the film reminded me a lot of the television show Franklin & Bash. There was some comedy, it was two young lawyers taking on a big case. And I can see people not liking this aspect of the film, I can see more people not liking the fact that after the half way point the film gets very dark. There is almost no comedy in the second half, the soundtrack changes and the Chris Evans, fantastic in the film by the way, starts really having to deal with the problem of the film. I can see people not liking the sudden change in the film. I didn't see any problem with it, I actually liked it. What really bothered me is that this film has a common problem that films based on true stories have. And that problem is that it ends very dramatically and ends before the story ends. The film leaves the happy ending to be read with the scrolling text that most Based on a True Story films have. I think it would have been better if they just continued the story and made it two hours long instead of one and a half hours.

Emma L (jp) wrote: Jesus Christ, the ending! :O That is one badly messed up scene - the whole film gets bonus stars purely for the last minute!

Dio S (de) wrote: This flick has a dark feel from start to finish- I happen to like dark movies - I'm just throwing that out there. Michael Shannon is brilliant. The portrayal of his character's mental illness and his efforts to seek treatment despite various barriers and stigma really resonated with me, since I am both a psychologist and a patient. SPOILER ALERT - I feel like the movie totally went against itself in the final few minutes. They took a well done plot about mental illness, genetics, stress, navigating the insurance and mental health system, stigma, family conflict, etc. and flushed it down the toilet by showing (which I assumed to be reality) his dreams/hallucinations coming true. *Homer Simpson mocking voice* "Ooooh, he doesn't have mental illness, he is clairvoyant! A gift from Jeebus!" OK, I admit it's doubtful that "clairvoyant" is in Homer's vocabulary. I was disappointed in the ending because I feel it was a slap in the face to those experiencing mental illness, but I enjoyed the majority of it.