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Paul D (ru) wrote: Wow. With all the films made by WWE studios, you would think they could find people who knew how to act by now. This movie is even worse than the first. It is just a complete mess from start to finish. I am amazed I made it all the way to the end.

Paulina A (es) wrote: Excellent , however the end was cheap, it seems like they didnt have enough time... The last minute sucks but the rest us really good!

WS W (nl) wrote: Did we need another <300>? I didn't think so.Half-hearted (perhaps even lesser), tedious writing. Bad casting. Laughable CG.

Angela M (it) wrote: Great story, great cast. Definitely under-hyped.

Brooke J (nl) wrote: good movie about witness protection

Sarah G (us) wrote: Loved this. Grew up watching it and it's awesome to see it now.

Chris S (br) wrote: The best stand up film I've ever seen.

Lidia (jp) wrote: I read the book and just want to know the movie

Dee L (ca) wrote: Dated depiction of the infamous Custer. How it didn't happen or probably didn't go. Forgettable.

Jake A (ca) wrote: With absolutely brilliant performances from Garfield, Shannon and Dern and a socially and politically charged plot this is a film that really engages and really makes you feel various emotions from anger to heartbreak. The opening scene is really well done, the score is decent, the drama works really well and it is about something which anyone can get their teeth into. Really impressive and quite frankly it is sad to see that this made little money because it more than deserves recognition for dealing with a tough subject in a way that doesn't objectify while also making you care.