Totò d'Arabia

Totò d'Arabia

L'impero britannico ha deciso di accaparrarsi lo sfruttamento di tutto il petrolio che viene estratto dai giacimenti del Kuwait. Totò, un domestico, con alcuni stratagemmi riesce a farsi ...

L'impero britannico ha deciso di accaparrarsi lo sfruttamento di tutto il petrolio che viene estratto dai giacimenti del Kuwait. Totò, un domestico, con alcuni stratagemmi riesce a farsi ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (mx) wrote: Even worse than the 2nd one. Beautiful technique with full of padding, fakes & hypocrisies.

Liy F (au) wrote: I love dark humor, however Wood played a very unconvincing bad girl mastermind. There was some witty black comedy and clever lines so I rated it a 40%. Heathers not so much.

Tyler B (kr) wrote: This movie is absolutely pathetic. It's a disgrace to Brandon Lee and folks from the first film, and it's disrespectful to the other sequels as well. It turns the series into an utter joke and deserves to be included on the lists of worse films. It should only be watched for a laugh, as it belongs with The Room in films that are so bad it's funny. Now for my evaluations:Positives (Not Many!):-The score's decent. While not up to Par with the Grame Revell scores, this film has a native American based score and it's really beautiful at times as a separate listen.-The Supporting cast has some of my favorite actors. David Boreanaz, Danny Trejo, and oddly enough Dennis Hopper is in this! This should make the film decent but saddly life is not always fair.-Tara Reid's actually quite sexy in this movie. She's definatly and quired taste but I have always had a crush on here and she looks very good in this. This was before her botched surgries. A little bit white trashy but I still like it.NEGATIVES: (Many!):-Edward Furlong turns The Crow into a pathetic joke: Really, who thought Eddie Furlong could be an epic hero? Come on now...-The Film is a re-tread of the original: It ripped off what made the original work and failed miserably.The Film looks really cheap: The film only had 32 days to film but the budget should have been much higher. The direction's horrible as well.The acting's horrible: All the main actors overact espically Boreanaz and Hopper, who talks like a black pimp (no I am not making this up) this makes for great entertainment and Boreanaz's overacting is actually a minor positive. Tara Reid also is horrible as let's face it, she is not a great actress by any means. She was in the wrong side of film, she would have fit in the adult field quite easy.Please avoid this film at all costs, it is not worth it unless you want a laugh! Trust me, I learned my lesson!

Ben L (es) wrote: I've learned that I don't usually respond well to gangster movies because I have a difficult time finding characters to care about, and that was my reaction the first time I watched The Godfather. When I watched it again recently, I'm not sure if it was the fact that I knew what to expect or that my film tastes have started to shift, but I kind of loved it. I felt so thoroughly invested in what was happening to the Corleone family, and desperately wanting to see them get "justice." I actually sympathized with Vito, Sonny, Michael, and Tom. I could see Michael's slow descent into the family business, and saw both the reason why and the tragedy in it all. The cinematography impressed me, the music was nearly perfect. Even the little things like the high-quality squibs for the gunshots worked for me. I was fully invested in The Godfather, and I don't know why it changed so dramatically for me. Perhaps it's like a fine wine that gets better when you give it time. If I were to express one gripe I had with the film it would be the casting of Al Pacino. I think he's the perfect actor for the second half of the film, as he starts to show his darker side, but I felt the first half would work better if he would have displayed some innocence and meekness. To me, while the script has him clearly being a different person as the film progresses, I felt his performance was similar throughout. It didn't hurt the story, and clearly it didn't bother me too much since I loved the film so much more this time. I think I finally get why The Godfather is a classic.

Bobby S (it) wrote: I love this movie and have seen it many times over the years. I think much better that Rio Bravo. The back story is interesting and the combination of John Wayne and Robert Mitchum teamed up with James Caan and Arthur Hunnicut provide great action combined with humor. Add other great actors like Ed Asner and Christopher George. Well, it is just plain entertaining.

Les E (kr) wrote: Oh the heady days, good grief, by jove. Those scoundrel bus men nearly had em, but the grit of the Brit shone through in the end. Marvelous.

Stuart M (ag) wrote: Rather repetitive and unoriginal it manages to make its central conceit (that select people can read things to life) and makes it dull and cliched. The characters all get repeatedly captured and rescued as the film seems to struggle to develop any sort of a plot.