Totò nella luna

Totò nella luna


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Jamie C (mx) wrote: Even though it's not as good as the first i'm still giving it the same star rating, After reading some poor reviews I didn't expect it to be as good and it was, I still really enjoyed it, It's funny, Gory and full of action just what every growing boy needs, With a very star studded cast they all are under used but do well in their screen time although it's nothing really new from the first Machete, Turn your brain off, Ignore plot holes and smile at a film made for entertaining and doesn't take itself serious for one bit and you will like it just as much.

Paolo C (ca) wrote: La sorpresa pi grossa che non sia un brutto film. Certo c' di meglio, per riesce a non indugiare nel buonismo pi di quello che necessario per un film come questo. Peccato che non riesca a prendersi il coraggio di un finale reale, ma senta il bisogno di forzare un lieto fine.

Tulay K (br) wrote: Zlkf'e hayran kaldm :)

Jason P (mx) wrote: I love this kind if raw filmmaking. I like the relationship-driven plots, the silent moody landscapes, the closeups from odd angles...My biggest problem with the film was Gus was an asshole, and the small amount of soul searching he did wasn't enough to convince me that he wasn't still one. But I suppose no case was really being made to that effect... But my less cynical side tells me that everyone deserves a chance to change... Good movie on the whole, though.

David R (jp) wrote: I like loved this film it was basically a more realistic superhero hero

Laurie T (es) wrote: A less polished, but more personal "Buena Vista Social Club." No Ry Cooder to explain everything to us. A personable young rapper whispering "Suave." A new guitar. a young

Dee S (es) wrote: John Candy is a legend.

Jun Woo P (ru) wrote: At least it's hilarious.