Totò sceicco

Totò sceicco

Antonio Sapore fa il maggiordomo e crede che sia un mestiere di tutto riposo. Ma quando il padrone, il marchese Gastone, si arruola nella Legione Straniera, Antonio viene inviato dalla ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt D (au) wrote: Ryan Coogler confirms all fears you have had before using public transportation.

Sande K (it) wrote: Outstanding war film about how all veterans respond to the insanity of making war.

Anna L (ca) wrote: Sinto que juntaram atores que interpretam da mesma forma em todo filme que atuam, ou interpretam a si mesmos, sei l. A estria boa, a trilha tem uma pegada de 'filme cult', mas faltou algo. O que salvou pra mim foi o final, porque deu sentido a tudo, e ainda transmitiu uma mensagem bonita.

Paul C (de) wrote: Now Marc Singer could never have been considered among the great actors of his generation - but here he would struggle to get in the local amateur dramatics group. Typically bad 'Asylum' fare!

Justin V (nl) wrote: Considering that this film was released in Japan in 2009, Fish Story can easily be categorized as a hidden gem. It contains multi-story arcs and a seemingly endless amount of different characters, but is splendid in its execution.Against the backdrop of an end-of-the-world scenario, a lone record store remains open despite certain death. Three men in the store debate the impending outcome - two refusing to believe that Earth is going to end while a third embraces the fact. The two men stress the role music will play in possibly saving the world and what follows are seemingly innocuous stories that play huge roles by the film's conclusion.The one film that came to mind when watching Fish Story is the 1998 feature Sliding Doors. The comparison may not do either film justice (especially since SD is more of romance), but there are aspects that both share which will help deliver a greater appreciation for either.Fish Story is very self-aware, but not overly mocking in a Joss Whedon way. Even though it's a foreign film it will hopefully be discovered over time, which when/if you see it will prove to be a triumphant irony. That aspect alone only adds to its charm.It's hard to categorize or explain Fish Story without possibly spoiling it. But it has enough magnetism and quirkiness to merit a look. What sets it apart is the simple use of great storytelling (great direction from Yoshihiro Nakamura). Add to it an undeniably catchy song, offbeat humor and just enough mystery to leave the audience guessing and you have the formula for an excellent and delightful feature. JV

stefn birgir s (ru) wrote: Not as great as the series. Though, that had it's ups and downs. Very funny, often hillarious. Cancer boy must get his own film! Whistle when you're low.

Steve M (us) wrote: Aligators and a Nutcase Burt Reynolds... hahahaha

Sherif N (ag) wrote: 4.5 StarsI don't think the style of this film could've been achieved without the gr8 editing by Alan Heim.

Clay M (gb) wrote: The hell else would you expect? Giant man eating bunnies?Yep!

John A (au) wrote: Still not seen it yet!

Courtney R (au) wrote: 16 Candles, directed and written by John Hughes, is funny and full of high school drama. However it is also your typical cliche chick flick and the plot has a common storyline. It has the girl that likes the boy and the boy that likes the girl. The girl, Samantha Baker (Molly Ringwald), has a crush on the boy, Jake Ryan (Michael Schoeffling), but he's the hot senior and a popular jock who also just so happens to be dating one of the most popular girls in school, played by Haviland Morris. How on earth could he ever notice the quiet little underclassman, let alone like her back?Ringwald does a fantastic job of playing Samantha in the way that she really digs deep into the emotions that a sixteen year old girl would feel if her whole family forgot about her birthday. Schoeffling also does a pretty good job of playing Jake, the heartfelt popular jock, he made the audience feel like they were the one that he was falling for. The chemistry between the two actors, when they were acting together, was great. When there was an awkward scene they made the audience feel the awkwardness, such as when they were standing near each other but don't make eye contact. Imagine that you're alone in a room with the person you like, both of you are aware of the situation. Not only do they know that you like them, but they don't like you back. So now you both are just standing there, alone, silent and uncomfortable. This is about the level of discomfort that the two actors make you feel.16 Candles was made back in 1984, acting back in the 80's was far more corny compared to acting nowadays. The majority of the jokes were funny, but we've all heard them before. Could the cast members have made the overall movie better by themselves? Yes, I think the did a great job of doing so! The dialog had quite a familiar tune to it, the baseline for all classic chick flicks, however the way that the actors said the words made it more bearable. For example, instead of just saying their lines without or with little emotion they poured their hearts out into it and made it feel real to the audience watching. Even though the movie's plot is not original and the acting is not the greatest, I still find that the movie was decently entertaining. I could predict the general plot line for the majority of the movie but there were random elements of surprise. There was also quite a few times where the f word and other swear words were used, so I would not recommend anyone not mature enough to handle such language.Just because the movie might tend to be a tad bit predictable at times, the film overall is pretty great. It is a fun flick to watch on a Friday night with all your girlfriends eating popcorn and talking about whatever you guys have planned for the weekend. The next time you are looking for a movie to watch, don't spend thirty minutes scrolling through all the movies on Netflix, it's an easy choice, just watch 16 Candles.