Touch of Pink

Touch of Pink

A gay Canadian living in London has his perfectly crafted life upset when his devoutly Muslim mother comes to visit.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   medal,   widow,  

A gay Canadian living in London has his perfectly crafted life upset when his devoutly Muslim mother comes to visit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (us) wrote: It may be too tedious and too understated for some, but "Like Someone in Love" is a visually-hypnotic, intelligently-crafted, and undeniably sweet drama. It's not perfect, but it's fine film-making.

Paul L (kr) wrote: Good documentary describing Superman, and how he changed during different periods of time.

Stanley C (ru) wrote: Rush Hour 3 doesn't match the first film in cinematic brilliance, but it does bring back the dark, angry tone and sense of danger with better fighting sequences that was absent in RH2.

Leslie F (us) wrote: This has got to be one of the worst movies ever made. If I wasn't having my traditional lazy tv Sunday, there is no way I would have finished it.

Gina C (us) wrote: One of the best movies ever made!!!

Steve J (nl) wrote: Why is this film so unpopular? Other than some dated music I thought it was really good! David Keith is really scary and Cathy Moriarty is strong and convincing. Excellent stuff!

Chris G (de) wrote: Sandwiched between the controversial Cruising and the controversial Scarface lies this Al Pacino vehicle that finds him as a dysfunctional play write, juggling a dead marriage, a house full of kids, and a fully backed play perpetually looking for its 3rd act. AP stars as Ivan Travalian, the atypical New York writer who comes home one day to find that his wife (TW) has left, leaving kids from various marriages throughout the house. Hilarity ensues as Ivan struggles to maintain a household, a career, and figure out whether or not he still loves his wife or the star of his play (DC). Author! Author! feels like a sitcom. I mean it really feels like a sitcom to the point that you'll be in hysterics at the title theme song. Pure Friday night on ABC drivel that doesn't really go anywhere, just spinning around in circles. The only thing that progresses in this film is the play. Everyone is in the same place as they were in the film, with Pacino epiphany being unheralded and lacking everything. Tuesday Weld plays her role as sympathetic to start, then you just don't care about the selfish.... Dyan Cannon is the rebound and pretty much disappears when her part of the story is over, which is sadly the best part of the film. If they could have dove into their relationship and how another adult deals with the offspring of another it would have made this film much more interesting. But it abandons that idea half way into it. Did AP lose his way after the greatness of his 70's films? It's hard to say, but AA is an unexcited, dull adventure into divorce

Randall P (kr) wrote: I watch the MST3K version every Black Friday, but this movie is good enough to watch by itself. Sure, the sets are cheap, there's coloration issues, obvious stock footage of military stuff, and it's generally considered a bad movie, but it has its charm. The characters are memorable in a good way (not something you can say about other movies), and it's fun to watch every year, MST3K or not.

Paul D (ru) wrote: Fine musical and cast list. Not one of MGM's best, but it's still very much worth a watch.

Pavan R (ag) wrote: A typical flick..quite entertaining overall !!

Ethan P (ca) wrote: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is nuts. It shouldn't be so powerful or engaging or fun or tragic, but it is. It takes place in a mental hospital that's bleached and bland with it's white walls and bare furnishings. It's inhabited by lethargic inmates dressed in whites and grays that shuffle around and lackluster nurses that blankly watch their subjects. It is an odd place that's mostly bereft of any life and it feels distinctly detached and dull. Nurse Rached has designed it to be that way and Randle McMurphy works tirelessly to unravel her perfect little system. There lies the epicenter of this stirring story. The two leads' feud is an illustration of a larger struggle, one where the spirit of an individual is often silenced by the power of the people in charge. McMurphy's rebellion against "the man" is a cathartic and sobering journey.Jack Nicholson's performance is incredible. McMurphy is an explosive, energetic man with an aggressive, impulsive temperament. He takes an empty, lifeless place and fills it with life. Randle is a fascinating contradiction. He's a troublemaker intent on disturbing the peace and structure of the hospital, but his disruption often causes more good than harm. He befriends the inmates, breaks them out of their drugged stupor and shatters their fragile comfort zones. He teaches them basketball, kidnaps them and takes them on a fishing trip, throws them a drinking celebration in the ward. He shows them how to have fun and stand up to Mrs. Rached's commands and be human again. It's amazing to watch the ward transform from dull and detached to the lively brotherhood it transforms into. And as much as he wants to escape, in the end he cares too much about the inmates too leave. It is right up there with Marlon Brando in Streetcar Named Desire as one of my favorite performances.I really identified with this story. The struggle against an illogical and unjust power is a relatable one for me. McMurphy's free spirit is stifled at every turn by the staff, the ward is threatened and mistreated and that was enraging. It's not just a statement on society either, it's a disturbing exposure of a flawed mental health system as well, one where the inmates are essentially drugged and brainwashed and have no medium to express themselves. I think it offers an important reminder of the good rebellion can bring and the danger it can incite. The idiosyncrasies of the crew were also very amusing, with the fighting over monopoly games and them all peeping on McMurphy having sex on the boat. My parting thought is that one of the coolest elements of the film is McMurphy's relationship with the giant Native American inmate, Chief. Chief trusted Randle so much he broke 12 years of silence and agreed to leave with him. The tragic moment where he suffocated Randle and mustered the courage to escape was an incredibly stirring conclusion to a wild, mesmerizing film.

Adrian B (br) wrote: I just didn't fathom this movie at all the direction is poor and consequently I was very lost

Danica A (kr) wrote: I remember seeing this movie in the theaters when I was about 6 years-old, and loving it. Re-watching it now, it's completely dated and over the top. But surprisingly hilarious as well. The best parts are the cameos from Philip Seymour Hoffman and Matthew Fox (yes the one from Lost). This will forever be the first zombie movie I ever saw, and I will remember it fondly because of that.

Garret I (kr) wrote: It's fun to watch. Definitely some odd looking CG but with such a low budget, it's not a surprise