Tous les soleils

Tous les soleils

Alessandro teaches musicology at the university of Strasbourg. He is also a volunteer reader in hospitals. He shares his apartment with his daughter, 15-year-old Irina, and his anarchist brother Luigi. Life is not always rosy at Alessandro's for three main reasons : he is a widower and has never really recovered from the death of his young wife ; his brother is some kind of parasite who refuses to sell his paintings to capitalist speculators and so to contribute to the cost of the household ; Irina, whom he has raised alone since she was five months old and always felt close to, is rapidly changing from little girl to teenager and wishes to be treated as such. One day, Florence, a beautiful young woman, gets into Alessandro's life. Will he eventually take his chances with her? And will he manage to stop stifling Irina? And will he finally get on with Luigi?

Alessandro teaches musicology at the university of Strasbourg. He is also a volunteer reader in hospitals. He shares his apartment with his daughter, 15-year-old Irina, and his anarchist ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jay n (gb) wrote: Bland comedy-drama which misses in several key areas. It's a stretch to begin with that anyone as smart and lively as Susan Sarandon's character would put up with the selfish jackass that Don Johnson plays let along long for him to return.

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Robert H (mx) wrote: CADDYSHACK is yet another movie that everyone else but me has seen until now (apparently). It's directed by Harold Ramis and features Bill Murray and Chevy Chase in their prime, along with Rodney Dangerfield. Why wouldn't it be good? Well, if 90 minutes of improvisation with little to no plot is your idea of good comedy (and considering comedies these days, there are a lot of people who feel that way), then you'll feel right at home. For me, there were a number of individually funny bits from each of the main cast members, but the unfocused, episodic nature of the story kept me from being invested too much in the goings-on at this snooty country club. The best running gag is one that everyone is probably familiar with: Bill Murray and the gopher. But it was only funny in and of itself, feeling mostly tangential to the story (or to justify Bill Murray's presence). There was the potential to do a satire on class conflict, but Rodney Dangerfield threw a wrench in that (most of his bits didn't work for me at all). Chevy Chase got to do some of his shtick as well, but overall it felt like all the cast members were just trying to show each other up instead of being a real ensemble cast. I will say that the soundtrack, heavily featuring Kenny Loggins, was quite good though. Ultimately, I did laugh a handful of times but the script and its execution left a lot to be desired.

Bruce B (gb) wrote: Up till this time I have missed watching this so called cult film/ Made with Drive - Ins in mind I'm sure its not a bad film. I was amazed to see a very young Richard Kiel who played jaws in a number of James Bond Films. In this movie he was EEGAH the giant who basically scared only 3 people until last 20 minutes. Archie Hall Jr what a hair job, don't see that today. Also a beautiful ford station wagon made a number of appearances throughout the movie. 3 1/2 stars. 10-27-11

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