The lives of a nightclub owner, a crime boss, a stripper, a bartender, two hitmen, a prostitute and a psychic take a turn for the worse when they are trapped in an escaped mental patient's sinister path of madness and destruction.

The lives of a nightclub owner, a crime boss, a stripper, a bartender, two hitmen, a prostitute and a psychic take a turn for the worse when they are trapped in an escaped mental patient's sinister path of madness and destruction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julien A (gb) wrote: Peut etre le plus mauvais film qu'il m'ait ete donne de voir depuis un paquet de temps!!! Mais d'une nullite joyeuseL'histoire est absolument grotesque et completement ridicule: suite a une explosion chimique due a des experimentations secretes de l'armee en Malaisie, les membres d'une troupe de cirque en tournee dans le coin vont subir des mutations.Les mechants vont profiter de leur nouveau super pouvoir pour semer la terreur dans Hong-Kong. Heureusement, un lanceur de poignard volant rate va basculer du bon cote et se poser en heros local, adule par les foules grace a un plan com' mis en place par une journaliste locale pleine de vengeance car mise de force a la retraite a cause de son grand age, 30 ans !Bien evidemment, impossible de ne pas hurler de rire devant une telle fantaisie, et des effets speciaux dignes de Bioman ou de X-Or.Mais une telle cornichonnerie attire forcement la sympathie, bien aidee il est vrai par la presence de la sublime Shu Qi.

Najd G (de) wrote: I wasn't blown away, though good use of Harold Ramis.

Allan C (us) wrote: Although this film gets the lowest possible 1/2 star, I actually get more of a five level of entertainment value out of this film. I remember seeing John Waters on "The Tonight Show" or some other late night now when this came out and he totally had this movie's number, saying it was the first time that Hollywood had made a gloriously trashy bomb since "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls." I remember Waters noting that he knew this film was going to be deliciously awful the moment Elizabeth Berkley pulled a switchblade on the guy who picks her up hitchhiking in the film's opening scene. Re-watching this film now, it's even more ironically awful with all of the 1990s fashion, hair and music. And for anyone old enough to have watched "Saved by the Bell," the film does still have the shock value of seeing the brainy Jessie Spano playing a tawdry Vegas showgirl. The story is essentially a classic tale of a rising young star, ALA "All About Eve" or "A Star is Born," but now with copious amounts of hilariously choreographed sex and nudity. Besides the laughably bad dialogue from writer Joe Eszterhas (who actually wrote some decent films early on in his career), but the scenes that are supposed to be sexy in this racey NC-17 film managesto be so wildly unsexy. There's one scene in particular with Berkley and Kyle MacLauchlan in a pool that is gut busting hilarious. I actually suspect MacLauchlan may have known what a bad movie this was and may have been on of only two actors who gave a purposefully campy performance). Back to bad dialogue, I think Robert Davi, one of my favorite character actors, also knew this was going to be an unintentionally funny movie and seems to go over the top, but in a somewhat subdued fashion. He actually has probably my favorite crass line when he visits Berkely at her big Vegas show. The cast also features Glenn Plummer (who seemed to be in every movie around this time period) and also Gina Gershon, who is probably the actor in the film who I feel worst for, thinking she's far too good an actress to be exploited in trash like this. There's no way to make the cast that this is a good film or even a halfway decent one, but I do think a case could be made that this is a film of Ed Wood preparations of awfulness and therefore an immensely unintentionally entertaining film. A truly great film for all the wrong reason.

Michael K (it) wrote: A great movie with a dark tone of conspiracy and a plot that parallels the Soviet/American Peace talks that took place in light of Chernobyl, with the whole exploding Klingon moon and Federation offers of peace as Mr. Spock says at one part "Only Nixon could go to China" this is somewhat poignant in light of Kirk's past with the Klingons (specifically Star Trek III and his son's death) and helps lend the film a real dramatic edge as Kirk fights for peace and must overcome his almost natural racist revulsion of Klingons and learn to trust them and help work for peace, as he and his crew pass the cause to a new generation of Starfleet officers. Well-known actors such as Chris Plummer, David Warner, Christian Slater, Brock Peters, and Kim Catrall show up in supporting and cameo roles and help give the drama and acting a good cast of supporting players.

stefn birgir s (us) wrote: Who knew that a Bobcat Goldtwait vehicle about an alcoholic clown would be bad?

Blake P (it) wrote: Joseph (Willis) and Terry (Thorton) are two criminals that meet in prison, and after becoming fast friends, Joseph decides to plot an escape-- and they get away with it. Instantly, the two become bank-robbers, and after a bit of experience they decide to do something unique and kidnap the bank manager before the heist. They soon become "the Sleepover Bandits", and they become so popular that everybody wants to get robbed by them. They instantly gain success, but when bored housewife Kate (Blanchett) bumps into them, the three instantly gain a love triangle-- which may or may not complicate their plans. "Bandits" is one of those kinds of movies where you may forget about it in a year or two, but when you watch it it's very, very easy to like. I've felt in the past that it seems heist comedies never really work-- they end up getting too satirical or just not funny enough, but with "Bandits", that isn't the case. Levinson's direction is so confident, the screenplay is so good, and the actors are so terrific that it almost never fails. It does get a little bit tiring by the end (it could've been about twenty minutes shorter), but let's face it-- the character's are so likable and the predicaments they run into are so funny that any little mistake is instantly fixed. The movie itself is surprisingly realistic, and all of the actors portray them with such gusto that you instantly fall in love with their characters, especially Thorton's portrayal, of a polite, simple guy that's just plain hilarious. And the plot twists? Genius. "Bandits" may be in no way a classic, but for movies that thrill you and make you laugh? This is one of the best.

Albinas B (de) wrote: Very well made film. Acting is wonderful. Great story and atmosphere.

Claire W (ag) wrote: This movie is amazing,its family friendly and heartwarming.

Thomas T (gb) wrote: If I laugh at every cringe-worthy moment in Cooties, then it proves to me that it's hard to take the apocalypse seriously.