A pharmaceutical company recruits a well-known scientist to help develop a vaccine against a deadly virus.

A pharmaceutical company recruits a well-known scientist to help develop a vaccine against a deadly virus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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AD V (de) wrote: Well done British horror/action/comedy and a solid follow-up to Smith's first film, Creep. What I enjoyed about it most is that this is NOT a spoof like so many made today but a genuinely funny horror movie.

Bill M (ag) wrote: Zhang Ke Jia is a good story picker, but as a storyteller, not so good.

Leo L (br) wrote: An interesting movie. Great cast- Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, and Madhuri Dixit. Good story plot. Worth seeing.

Ricardo H (us) wrote: HATED IT...and I honestly have no clue what the movie was really about. If it was supposed to be some great insightful revelation, I failed to figure out what the revelation was. If it was supposed to be a story that portrayed gay life and its joys and sorrows, the movie fell far short from it. Overall, I thought it was just a huge mess

Michael W (es) wrote: Unfortunately does not pick up from the cliffhanger end of Part 3 but a sequel to Part 2 taking place 10 years later. Basically an entire repeat of the first film save the (terrible) twist ending. Most fans were probably just happy to see Myers' return but ultimately it's a pointless continuation.

Robert H (jp) wrote: The film opens with title credits over a spectacular looking silhouette fight scene which shows up again later in the film. Unfortunately, this is the only piece of beautiful film found in this movie.The story, though not extremely well told, is simple and pedantic but comes together by the end to form something watchable and mildly enjoyable.The action is where this film should have really excelled but ultimately, it's the same old boring stuff over and over. There are a couple scenes that stand out but when the BIG enemy boss fight takes less time than the seemingly lame boss fight, you know there are problems.This isn't a terrible action flick but just as there are worse, there are much better.

Jim H (fr) wrote: A preppie Harvard law student falls for a lower class music student.I don't know if "Love means never having to say you're sorry" was a cliche in 1970, but it certainly is now. It's also bullshit. So is this film. The class difference between the lovers is explored only in generalities and cliches and so are the "hard times" they experience when Oliver rejects his privilege for love. in the third act, the film doesn't reach Terms of Endearment-level maudlin, but it's close. Compelling performances by Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw can't do anything to save the fact that the film says nothing new and can only serve as fodder for an evening filled with Haagan Daz and romantic reminiscences.Overall, I don't know if it's because my own love life is tattered, but I suspect that in any mental or emotional state I would find this film to be sanctimonious nonsense that couldn't charm me unless I was drunk, high, wasted, wired, slammed, smashed, hammered, tripping, and shitfaced.

Mike K (it) wrote: Snazzy Bond sendup that actually manages to outdo 007 in the eye candy department. Admittedly, the only real suspense here is waiting to see if Elke Sommer's top falls off, but who's complaining? Pussy Galore, eat your heart out.

Private U (ru) wrote: Le mythe de Barbe-bleue revisit par Fritz Lang...Belle photographie et tension sous-jacente tout au long de ce chef-d'oeuvre.

Matthew C (ca) wrote: 8 mile is a film based on the beginning of the rap success of Eminem. It goes over the hardships of Marshall Mathers being a different race, his family life, and girl trouble. Eminem gives a very good performance as a character based on himself and the rap battles are very entertaining. Despite the film being mostly dialogue, it is still very entertaining and satisfying to watch.

Fivos G (br) wrote: Forgive me, I could not lift myself from the couch on that day!

Ryan T (kr) wrote: While the acting in the film, particularly Carell, is phenomenal, the plot and sound are so incredibly boring and slow moving, that you may not be awake by the end to see what happens. Just watch the documentary, it is far more interesting and accurate.

Rosalind R (br) wrote: Maybe my favorite lesbian comedy. Also the main character is Jewish. It's a win win.