On a winter morning, a mother goes to waken her son Heinrich; his bed is empty. She leaves her flat to find him. The neighbors' door, with a Star of David painted on it, is ajar, the furnishings in disarray, the family gone. She asks passersby, runs to the police then on to the rail yard. Flashbacks show that Heinrich and the neighbors' son Paul are six years old and best friends. Paul's family's deportation is expected soon; Heinrich's mother tells her son that they're going to Toyland. Heinrich wants to go with them, has a bag packed, and listens for their departure. His mother realizes he's joined them, and her resolve becomes more urgent. Will she arrive in time to save Heinrich?

1942: what happens when a German kid believes that his Jewish neighbors are going to Toyland? A story about lies and guilt. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Toyland torrent reviews

James L (ru) wrote: Engaging story, solidly crafted. What you'd expect from Eastwood.

Mike M (gb) wrote: How this got an Oscar is beyond me. Total garbage.

Naoya K (ag) wrote: Kiarostami's first feature is a juvenile story in which sweetness and bitterness are well-blended. It is birth of his style which is something you'd wanna call it "Iranian neo-realism" under direct influence of Italian neo-realism. Also, this film proves that just a boy walking around can be a film.

Jenifer M (ag) wrote: I love Brittany Murphy but this movie felt alot like a Lifetime movie it was nice to watch on my sunday with nothing to do and is soooooo a girl movie

Rebecca R (ag) wrote: i didn't see or hear about it...

Shashwat S (de) wrote: A provocative film sensitively tackling complex issues of racism, free choice and manipulativeness in a democracy. Am amazed on how Lars Von Trier avoids any sensationalization; a must watch!

Brandon C (de) wrote: Aside from the race scenes not much offered from a story perspective. 62/100.

Sean C (ca) wrote: Visually stunning. Stunningly predictable and too convenient for the sake of moving the story forward.

Aaron B (ca) wrote: Very good political satire piece, worth a watch especially for a middle-aged crowd

Bobby L (nl) wrote: This starts off pretty well, but after both Campbell and Landon, returning as their characters from the first, are killed, and the killer is given a partner, for absolute no sensible reason, seeing as how he killed soo many last time, it makes no sense. The partner guy is irritating as hell, and the whole movie ditches the realistic and somber attitude of it's predecessor, in favor of being more action oriented, and it's just not that interesting, and the ending dialogue is laughable.

J A (ca) wrote: Dated but exciting cautionary tale of the Cold War's possible(?)effect on the American Government during the years immediately following the Bay of Pigs. Frankenheimer, Rod Serling, along with the blessing of the Kennedy Administration set the bestselling novel for a big screen story about the balance and abuse of power, and the importance of remaining faithful to our constitution as it was handed down to us by our forefathers. ~ @thestaticisland

R R (de) wrote: in Italy - cute movie

Sterlin R (gb) wrote: An awesome action comedy with Eddie Murphy that never gets old and remains funny to this very day.

Shannon E (br) wrote: greatly exceeded expectations! went in hoping for a dark comedy, left with a truly fucked up one. be warned!

Chucky (kr) wrote: September 27th 2009January 29th 2014