Trading Women

Trading Women


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Aidan H (us) wrote: Just a cash in horror remake

(ca) wrote: Javier Cmara shines as a genuine character, quick to self-depricate and quicker to speak the truth in a movie that was thoroughly satisfying. Living is Easy with Eyes Closed maintains impeccable balance in the themes it covers, and Trueba captures the essence of everyday life in Franco's Spain during a curious period for the country. With Franco on the decline, the West gaining more influence and accessibility for everyday Spaniards, presented in a compelling way with Cmara's angst. Without ever being too overt, Trueba's film projects optimism alongside frustration in a desolate part of rural Spain where the only constant is marginalization. Part road movie, part coming of age, Living is Easy with Eyes Close is entertaining, meaningful, and leaves a lovely taste of the sweet strawberry fields forever in your mouth.

Mayank F (es) wrote: what d hell is wrong wid wwe studios?.,,,,,,,,,,,,get a writer.............a real one.....

Na D (kr) wrote: Bad and the animals don't look sweet.

Daniel M (de) wrote: Many religious movies fail with the unbearable push of faith to the audience, as well as the clear abuse of darkened themes to spread more awareness regarding beliefs. This movie does not play that way. There is clearly some noble intentions seen here, for it is a movie that holds complete interest on provoking thoughts and action, rather than to be gratified as a cinematic work of art. It is ridden with cliches, stereotypes, and some very sketchy acting, but that is what drops the hint. Overall, the worth of this film lays in its nutritional value, and it's ability to make a relationship with a teenage mind.

M M (fr) wrote: dio, adoro i film multietnici, Eugene e Richard E. Grant <3 ah, e adoro anche quando dicono continuamente bloody. BLOODY FOREIGNERS!

John C (br) wrote: More f words than a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Mika K (gb) wrote: I like this film.There is a plaintive mood.

Jonathan R (us) wrote: American Dragons aka double edge is one of the best buddy cop movie of the late 90's featuring a white and Asian duo. Michael Biehn gives his best performance since Terminator. But really he kind of just phones it in. His south Korean partner Park Joong-Hoon approaches his cocky acting with a smug sense of Asian kung fu superiority and always is holding back a smile. A definite must see if you love cop action movies. Also the fastforward stabbing the black lotus assassin does is epic

Gregory W (ca) wrote: sad pathetic train wreck

stefn birgir s (ca) wrote: The most popular characters from the Star Wars trilogy are back, in pog form! Includes Wilford Brimley with a moustache.

Deke P (ag) wrote: saw it in theater when it came out. Great subject and movie.

Jesse R (nl) wrote: The alien in this low budget Sci Fi film is pretty cool looking, and spooky.

Landon V (mx) wrote: however its not pure entertainment its certainly quite funny its at its stupidest, funniest and charming i think it does a good a message about friendship between Sunny and Julian however its not his best or even close to his worst. if you are getting to Adam sandler this one could warm your heart as well as its humor. if it doesn't you might not really like Adam sandler unless you like a diff rent movie of his. although there is better and funnier sandler flicks this one is quite touching. 3 1/2 stars 75%

Greg W (br) wrote: good bio-pic of sorts gr8 cast directed by 'la confidential's' curtis hanson

Blake P (es) wrote: Do you like star-studded casts? Do you like murder mystery whodunits? Well, then you should definitely watch Agatha Christie's, "Death on the Nile". A big group of people decide to go on a cruise on the Nile. But of course, considering this is an Agatha Christie adaption, and the main character is famous sleuth Hercule Poirot (Ustinov), you know a crime's gonna happen. And guess what? Socialite Linnet Ridgeway (Chiles) is the murder victim, and it seems that almost every single person on the ship has a motive, which includes actors Bette Davis, David Niven Angela Lansbury, Mia Farrow, Jon Finch, George Kennedy, Olivia Hussey, Maggie Smith, and the list could go on. We know that one (or more) of the above is responsible, but it's just to bad that the person(s) responsible couldn't have picked a ship minus Poirot ... I think we all know that "Death on the Nile" won't be as good as "Murder on the Orient Express", but as exciting murder mystery whodunits go, "Death on the Nile" is one of the most fun, and well acted ones of them all. Like all of the famous big cast capers of the decade, it has an odd assortment of characters, good sets, a great score, and most of all, suspense, which is the key to half of the fun going on. Like "CSI", the film shows how the characters would commit the murder, which keeps you guessing more and more, because the motives for the group then become more serious. From kooky Lansbury as a nutty author to Birkin as a timid maid, everybody seems guilty, which are the ingredients for a perfect murder mystery. Ustinov is phenomenal, by the way. "Death on the Nile" is a superbly made movie that anybody looking for an exciting film should definitely watch.

Chris B (ru) wrote: An ok film with some good laughs. Carey gets points to add in his slapstick comfy which feels a bit forced.

Matthew Y (au) wrote: Decent action blockbuster

Andruw F (br) wrote: Very similar opinion as the second one, except this one is longer. Actually, I'm not sure if this feels longer than the second or not, I think it feels the same. Not much else I can say, except Sean Astin's performance was outstanding all through the trilogy, and he made Sam probably my favorite character. I think he will be the most underrated, at least his performance. Not sure I can say anything else except, I didn't like the last two as much as the first, but they're still so well done and extremely great, especially when you realize they came out every year, that they are still something for other movies to reckon with. I don't know how anyone could think Star Wars, Star Trek, etc are BETTER than The Lord of the Rings. (Not sure if I need to say this, but I will. I'm talking about franchises, not trilogies, as well as franchises as a whole, not just a part (trilogy) of a franchise.)

Morris N (au) wrote: It wasn't as funny as it thought it was. Has a few moments.