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Jason R (mx) wrote: Sometimes funny, sometimes tacky, but mostly solid prank comedy. Johnny Knoxville's transformation into Irving is nothing short of remarkable, and he and the kid build a solid, believable rapport. This being the first Jackass movie that isn't about just stupid stunts done by idiots, and having an actual plot and characters, it is not that bad.Though the notion of the prank comedy has probably run its course, and if you look at the background bystanders, you can see there are a lot more noticing the camera than there used to be.The jokes are hit and miss, but again the chemistry between the two principle actors is solid, and keeps things going well enough to bring it to its humorous ending.

Collin R (mx) wrote: a really good cast does there job however a story with alot missing in it as far as building the bad guy goes really effected me getting into this

Alisha B (ru) wrote: serial killers. Oo! that's probably good.

wild willie n (kr) wrote: if this movie had ample nudity, maybe it would have amounted to something...

Rangan R (nl) wrote: Theme about the youngsters are always soaring with high commercial elements with lots of comedy that hardly brings any smile on us. This was one of the teen movie based on the true story of the two friends which is mostly uninspiring, but a well told story. The young actor from one of my favorite teen movie 'Project X' was incredibly good. He's really showing some characters that he may become a valuable property in the Hollywood in the near future. He also reminds me a crossover outcome of Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. Well the story was about two school dropouts who decide to do business on marijuana import-export. Since it is not illegal in the nearby place to their's across the border, they draw a master plan to execute and succeeds and what comes later is you've to see. Actually, one of a better movie told from the negative side of the social welfare. So good to enjoy the film, but not to follow it.

John M (mx) wrote: Director Balaguer did it alright again. He gets the suspense right, as well as the tension of the action sequences from the beginning to the end with a good amount gore. Technically the film is good, it's well made with solid production values and the acting is very good.One of the better of the series Films to Keep You Awake: "To Let" will literally keep you awake.

Larry W (kr) wrote: Even a blind finds a nut every now and then, and this is a good film about what happens when you do.

Jay J (gb) wrote: Paul Telfer has the body of a god!

Charles P (de) wrote: To Be or Not to Be is a relevant and layered satire, a blend of dark humor and sight gags, of comedy and morality.

Jessica H (ru) wrote: Just an excuse to get the team together.

Ashley P (mx) wrote: This film has some amazing acting and roles, especially Kilmer. Otherwise, it's a trainwreck and I don't understand its fandom...

Ashley H (jp) wrote: Trouble with the Curve is a decent film. It is about an ailing baseball scout in his twilight years takes his daughter along for one last recruiting trip. Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams give good performances. The script is a little slow in places. Robert Lorenz did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama.